Week 18 - PT #3

I had another PT appointment today. I get to do jumps now - woohoo! More butt exercises too since I told him my IT band was bugging me. He did some more strength and exercise checks and said I went back to old habits of using my back/quads instead of my glutes. And he gave [...]

Week 15 PT #2

Had my second PT appointment today. I get to stand on my toes now! LOL! However to do it slowly, on one foot and to max height without pain requires that I lean on a table right now for the right foot. The goal is to be able to do at [...]

Testing out the world of no shoe lifts

I decided to do a test run in flat shoes this evening before my PT appointment tomorrow. I was in my crocs for about 4 hours and maybe an hour of being upright (as opposed to at a desk) and my achilles let me know it wanted to get lifted again - LOL! [...]