Too many steps!

PT exercises are not what I want to do tonight - LOL! I’ve averaged almost 7K steps (whatever that means on my somewhat inaccurate free app on my phone) a day for the last 5 days. I know if I do over 5-6K my heel reminds me it is there. It is very there tonight. [...]

Bummers - no hills until the 6 month mark (maybe)!

I reviewed the 3 month plan my doc wrote up for me and I was sure he must have just copied/pasted some of the exercise part without editing since it said - flat elliptical, flat elliptical, flat elliptical for all 3 months before I see him again. So I emailed him and asked when [...]

12 week anniversary today!

Today it is 12 weeks since my haglunds deformity/heel spur surgery. My limits now are - heel lifts in the shoes still (though the lifts are getting pretty squashed!), no barefoot, no real biking, no walking up hills (well steep hills), no running. My foot itself tells my to do less than 4 [...]

Some things are getting easier

Nothing like a walking app to get me to lengthen my stride - LOL! I used it yesterday and it said the doggies and I walked 1.6 miles. When I measured with the car it was more like 1 mile. Hubby thought it was because my stride is short right now. [...]

PT today and not another visit for a month

Well I was looking forward to PT today and ended up kinda disappointed since it was pretty anti-climactic. He was surprised that I wasn’t hobbling or on crutches and that I was walking so well. He did some checks on flexibility and strength of other leg muscles and found that my butt muscle [...]