Simple Pleasures

As I took a walk down to our neighborhood park and back in some new tennis shoes I realized this was the first time, in a decade, that I was walking in a pair of tennis shoes with no pad added in the heel and without my gel pad socklet on my foot. I’ve been using the socklet lately since the nerve on the outside part of my ankle was annoyed. Didn’t even know what it was until I asked the doc why the outside part of my heel around the ankle bone was the first to swell and the outside part of my heel on the right side was still sensitive. He said a nerve runs through there and the surgery made it unhappy. Anyway it’s an achievement for me to buy some shoes, put on some socks and walk around in them. Before I would buy shoes, spend time adding pads into the back part of the heel and then had to wear my gel socklet as well and STILL I couldn’t wear them for very long due to the big bone protrusion I had under my achilles. I’m glad the nerve is also getting calmed down. I may be able to go to my next consulting job wearing closed heel shoes with no added pads instead of crocs or clogs.

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  1. Must be nice to say goodbye to all of the extra gear! Any particular shoe brand/style you’ve come across that you like more than others? I’m looking forward to some running shoe shopping soon. (Not that I’ll be running…I’m mainly thinking that a supportive running or trail shoe would be good for the early 2 shoes period.)

  2. It is PJ! But what’s odd is it is quite hard to find a place to donate a lot of it to locally.

    I actually don’t like running just to run. I’m happy to run as I play soccer - LOL! I haven’t been able to just “go running” for a long time due to my heel so I have no suggestions on running shoes. I just went to Big 5 and bought a pair of sketchers (wasn’t looking for sketchers per se - that’s just the pair that I liked the best of all that they had on sale) that I liked and that were lightweight and on sale and that the heel lifts fit in nicely - LOL! I know I won’t be running in them (I’ll do that in my soccer cleats) so I just wanted them to work for my 2 shoes stage and to give me an alternate pair to my Costco tennies since I can’t air them out by going barefoot at home right now.

    When I told hubby I was amazed it had been a decade since I was able to wear shoes unadulterated by pads and no gel pad socklet he just said “See you waited too long” LOL!

  3. A walk to the park sounds glorious! I have a serious case of cabin fever going on here! It has been cold and rainy and dreary here, so I’m stuck inside.
    I can’t believe you suffered with this for 10 years before finally having the surgery. I think I agree with your hubby on this one!! ;) How nice to FINALLY just buy shoes and wear them! I’m looking forward to having a shoe on my left foot again in a few weeks, although my foot seems so small, I’m not sure any of them will fit! Who knew a foot could shrink so much in only a few weeks!

  4. I wish we had some rain and clouds - LOL! We always want what we don’t have :) I, too, was amazed at how my foot shrank - in addition to my calf. Once you start walking you’ll notice that your foot does start getting some muscle mass. I first noticed it at my appt 4 weeks after I started walking in the boot and transitioning to shoes part of the time - my foot wasn’t quite as shrunken as it had been - LOL!.

    I actually suffered with it for more than 10 years. 10 years ago was when they first told me surgery was the only thing to “cure” it and gave me the time line for healing (which is why it didn’t happen for another 10 years - LOL!). 4 or 5 years before that was when I first was diagnosed with it. Didn’t even notice my bump until my first soccer tournament, when I could barely walk at the end of it due to my achilles. Went in to see what the problem was and they pointed out the growth and I did PT to help stretch the achilles since it was very tight. Started wearing the gel socklet 10 years ago instead of surgery - LOL!

  5. Oh my god, you had that horrid side foot/heel pain at 9 weeks. Sounds terrible but knowing that does me good psychologically. I was thinking something was wrong since that spot is more of a problem than the actual scar area (forgot to ask my MD at my last visit).

  6. Glad the blog is helping you Grits! Yep - it’s a nerve and it does calm down eventually.

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