Retired so far …

I figured I would document the items I used to use but which I no longer need to use as I’ve progressed through the healing process.

I retired the hand bells at about week 4. I was joking before surgery that hubby needed to get me a bell to ring when I needed him to get something for me. Well, sure enough, he ordered two bells - LOL! One for upstairs and one for downstairs. I mainly used the one upstairs - but not too often. By week 4 I was getting around pretty well with the scooter, had been in my boot for a week and I was able to get the scooter up and down the stairs on my own if needed as I butt walked up/down the stairs. I’m sure starting to do workouts at home and at the gym helped to get me out of slug mode and into a mode of doing more for myself.

Bells to summon hubby so I could keep my foot elevated in the first several weeks

Next thing I retired was the cast cover at about week 5. I got my boot at week 3 and started doing ROM exercises at week 3.5. As I got more comfortable moving my foot out of the boot I felt comfortable enough to get in the shower with my bare foot. I made sure to keep it at 90 degrees as I showered and did the flamingo when standing and, of course, used my shower stool to kneel my right leg on so I didn’t have to stand on one leg the entire time.

My cast/splint/boot cover

The guest shower - LOL!  This has grab bars so while I was doing the flamingo shower I wanted grab bars handy for balance.  I retired this at week 8.  Now I should show a picture of hubby as well.  He finally felt comfortable not being nearby when I showered at around week 4.  Before that he was close by somewhere upstairs and early on he was there in the bathroom helping me get in/out of the shower, making sure my scooter was close by, helping me put the cast cover on, …  As I got comfortable in the boot and was doing ROM exercises and hauling the scooter up/down the stairs myself he believed I wouldn’t be slipping or falling  in the shower.

My shower (in the guest bathroom) for the first 8 weeks with grab bars

Forgot to take a picture of the crutch I borrowed - but here is a picture from the web. It was handy getting around in my crowded work room and upstairs when I didn’t feel like hauling the scooter up.
RammTLC crutch

And my "regular" crutches. I didn’t use these much. I tried them when I was one footed and fell so didn’t try them again. I used one of them for a day or two when I started walking in the boot and then again when I transitioned to 2-shoes.
Regular crutches

More to add on 4/27:

And, today, after my 10 week doctor visit I get to retire the boot

The boot!

And, since the boot is being retired, so is the even-up for the other foot
even-up to level out the left leg when the boot is on the right leg

The night splint

Night boot aka night splint

And, since the night splint can be retired so can the scooter! I was only using it so I wouldn’t have to un-velcro in the middle of the night (and possible wake up hubby) in order to get into a shoe if I had to do a middle of the night bathroom visit.

knee scooter

Added on 5/4/2017:

Today I retired the shower stool. I was taking a shower, stool was right there waiting for me to use it and I just stood on my right leg and washed my left foot. No thought to using the shower stool. I figure if my brain ignored it and my foot didn’t complain it’s time to retire it.

shower stool

Forgot to show this one! I used these heel pads for the last 10 years. Couldn’t wear any closed heel shoes without them. Of course hubby says I took too long to get the surgery - oh well! I haven’t needed these since the 10 week mark! Unfortunately I found some inexpensive ones ($2 as opposed to $13!) which are identical to the expensive ones, bought 4 of them since they were so cheap and now I probably won’t need them. I wore one of them a couple of times but don’t need any padding in my shoes anymore! Yippee!

heel pad for closed heel shoes

Updated on 6/11/2017:

And between week 15 and 16 I retired my heel lifts. I had to transition to flat feet over several days - but the transition is complete now. I’m enjoying being barefooted and wearing sandals again :) One pair is the felt? heel lifts the doctor gave me. The other is a pair I made from some package padding we had that doesn’t compress too much. These worked well in the shower with my crocs when I couldn’t go barefoot in the shower.

heel lifts

13 Responses to “Retired so far …”

  1. I love this post! I didn’t have bells, but did use the intercom feature on our phone a few times to call upstairs to hubby. Usually when I was in extreme distress - it got to the point where he dreaded hearing it ring. I too have retired the cast cover and mastered the solo shower (I think hubby is sad about that one!). Sadly, I’m still using my regular crutches, but I feel very confident with them. I feel like I could dance with those babies!! My hands are starting to protest though!
    Keep up the great progress!

  2. Glad you got good with the crutches Shell! I was an abysmal failure LOL! You’ll be able to give them up soon enough! I definitely had to initially use one when I started walking. It’s amazing how unstable you feel initially. I just put one upstairs and one downstairs. But the good thing is that after a day or two you don’t need it anymore. Well you might need it if you overdo it, but only then. :)

  3. Isn’t it GREAT to throw all of that stuff away!! I packed away the Vacoped back into its box yesterday. Good riddance!! Walk on!!!!

  4. Well I haven’t thrown any of it away :) I’m hoping to donate it since it is all perfectly usable right now. It is good to have it piled all together and know that I don’t need it anymore :) Next will be the heel lifts!

  5. I’m sure glad that I DIDN’T throw my crutches, boot and Therabands away! After 5 years, I tore my other AT, so it was all needed again!

    Why didn’t I throw it away? Cuz, even tho I’m now 50, my brain says I’m 23 when I’m on the volleyball court, and I’m GONNA get that ball, no matter what! So, my assumption was that I’m gonna eventually damage something else - and the other AT seemed like a likely candidate. So, I kept those items, and I guess I was right to do it.

    Happy Healing, everyone!

  6. LOL! Glad you did Eric! Mine was a “voluntary” surgery, not at ATR so I don’t have worries that my other foot will have a rupture. I’m not quite that aggressive on the soccer field since I play mainly to visit with my gal pals and get exercise. I was never an athlete when I was young so I didn’t get that “gotta get that ball” competitive attitude.

    I’ll keep the therabands - I still have the one from PT 10 years ago and I’ve used it periodically since then :) I’ll keep my knee scooter as well. The velcro on my boot is wearing out and if I have this surgery again on my left foot I’ll get a new boot from Kaiser. The crutches I never used since I had the scooter, and I can get a new pair from Kaiser if/when I have surgery on my other foot.

    Everything else has rubber or foam that will eventually deteriorate as the years go by so I would rather have someone else make use of it all when I know I’m done with it. Considering how long I lived with my bone bulge on my right foot I don’t envision having my left foot worked on for another decade - if that. It isn’t as big now as my right foot was 10 years ago.

  7. Where did you find the little sock cushion things? Wish I had those this past year! I am wondering if they may help with getting back into a tennis shoe (only shoes I wear when teaching)

  8. Hi Grits! I got them on Amazon - but the price range you can find there is tremendous. I overpaid for the last 10 years. It figures that I found these:

    And ordered 4 just before my surgery - and now I don’t need them! Ah well - my left foot might need them eventually if the heel spur grows any.

  9. Hmmm… the price went up dramatically on those. They were $1.95 when I got them …. Well do a search on amazon to find the best price. The blue ones don’t last as long as these do. I’ve worn both (and wore many out) since I absolutely had to use these when I wore any closed heel shoes before my surgery. Now I don’t need them - woohoo!

  10. Thank you so much for pointing me to this post, cserpent, it’s so useful to know when to expect things to progress. I feel lucky I was able to sleep downstairs until I got my boot. The sleep boot is exactly what I wanted to see, but did not think about the danger of waking up in the night needing the bathroom. I have worked out I can loosen my regular boot just enough to slip my leg in and and out without undoing the straps but I guess that doesn’t work with the night version.

  11. Ps - I am not looking forward to retiring the knee scooter - I am fond of it. Especially when I want to travel a longer distance on foot, it would be way too slow to boot walk that distance. At least for now, I think I’m about week 5.

  12. Glad this helped Sam! I kept the knee scooter and shower stool and gave everything else to a charity. I thought that by the time I had the surgery on the left foot all the rubber/plastic on the crutches, even-up, case cover/… would be falling apart. I was wrong! LOL! I’m doing my left foot on 8/15. Ah well - I’ll have to order another cast cover and even-up. The charity will get a repeat donation in Feb/Mar 2019. I did lend my knee scooter to a gal who broke her ankle. So it is getting additional use.

  13. Oh my gosh - you are having surgery now on the other foot now??! Good luck! I ended up not getting the night boot in the end and just went for it and took the boot off at night. I slept on top of the sheet instead of under it so as not to get tangled, I perched my ankle on a pillow and had my foot sticking outside the duvet (thank goodness it’s Summer). It really helped me get a better night’s sleep. I have just passed 8 weeks from surgery and I am now walking around without a boot or anything: Progress!

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