My foot at week 9

I figured I should share a picture of my foot since I haven’t shown how it looks since the sutures were removed.  It’s a little swollen tonight since it’s the end of the day and I haven’t elevated it much all day.  Here is my foot with the silicon sheet on.  This is to reduce the look/feel of the scar.  I rubbed a silicon gel on as soon as the scar was healed. I only put the gel on at week 5 when the scar area wasn’t very sensitive to the touch. The doctor recommended both and since I do not want to have ridges/bumps/… on my heel when I can finally play soccer again I am actively using one of the other.  This princess does not want a scar causing pain and possibly blisters - LOL! I’ve been using these 2 pieces of silicon sheet since week 5 and I still have a lot of the sheet left that I purchased. A piece is supposed to last a month with continual use. It is still sticking to my skin so no need to cut 2 new pieces yet.

Silicon sheet on scar

And here is how my foot/scar look. My foot is swollen since it’s the end of the day and I have not elevated my foot much today. I may get some compression socks so I can reduce the swelling without having to elevate. You can see the indentations from the silicon sheet around the scar.

Foot/scar at week 9

Here is the upper part of the scar. This heeled much faster and cleaner than the lower part of the scar.

The upper part of the scar

And the lower part of the scar. This took longer to heal and is still sensitive. This part of the scar is on the outside of my foot. When my leg is at rest the foot naturally rolls to the right so this part of the scar got more pressure and that made it heal slower. It is still sensitive to the touch to the right of it. The upper part of the scar feels fine. The lower part is still painful when I massage around it.

The lower part of the scar at week 9

And I’ve been working to remove the calluses on my foot since I was in my boot! I got REALLY thick calluses on this foot somehow due to the bone spur. Not sure why that caused thick calluses but it has taken me literally weeks to grind them down. My left foot calluses are not nearly as big, but the bone spur isn’t as big as it was on my right foot either. Hopefully by the time I’m totally healed up I’ll have the calluses ground down all the way.

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  1. Your scar actually looks really good. Very pale for only 9 weeks along. It’s so different from mine. Mine is on the medial side, maybe 3″ but just a straight line, close to the Achilles and all below the level of the malleolus. If I can ever figure out how to upload photos on here, I’ll put one on once mine is healed. So far, I’m really impressed with how neat mine looks! My surgeon was meticulous!

  2. I’m sure the scar shape had to do with the bone that had to be scraped/filed/ground off (however it was they got it off - LOL!) and a loose piece removed. And the paleness I believe is a direct result of my applying silicone gel starting at 3 weeks and then the silicone sheet since about week 5. I did only put the sheet on the top part initially since the lower part was still pretty sensitive. But I continued to use the gel on the lower part. Once it felt better I put the sheet on the entire scar.

  3. Your scar is almost nonexistent! I don’t think I’d notice it if I were standing next to you!

    I think you could see my scar from a block away, and that surgery happened 5 years ago! But, I’m a guy who didn’t care at all whether it was visible. So, I did nothing about it.

    What did Keanu Reeves say in The Replacements? “Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory… lasts forever.” LOL!!!

    Glad the silicone works! Happy Healing!

  4. Thanks Eric! LOL! My main concern was that it ends up being flat (couldn’t care less if it’s visible) since I get blisters pretty easy and don’t want anything bugging my feet when I’m playing soccer after I heal. Of course after playing with my “golf ball” size bone bump (in my hubby’s words) maybe I wouldn’t notice a scar bump.

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