A 2 footed shower!

OK - so I take joys in the simple things in life :) My doc said I could shower on 2 feet if I wore a croc with a heel lift on my right foot. My foot/ankle/leg finally felt strong enough last night so I abandoned our guest bath/shower with the grab bars and returned to our shower in our bedroom. I found some really stiff packing foam in the garage so I made a heel wedge with that, put it in the croc, put the croc on my foot and walked into the shower. I did move the shower stool to our shower since I didn’t want to stand on my right foot in order to wash my left. I only needed the stool when I washed my left foot. It was great standing on 2 feet in the shower and not having to use the stool as a holder for my flamingo’d right foot (knee on stool). It’s good to not have to play flamingo in the shower anymore - LOL!

Just another step in the healing process. I just passed the 8 week mark.

And I get to double my 2-shoe time tomorrow - woohoo! 1/2 my day gets to be spent in a shoe (which ends up being about 7 hours).

2 Responses to “A 2 footed shower!”

  1. Sounds fabulous!! There is enough in this recovery process to bring you down, so definitely take the joys where you can! It’s kind of funny the things we take for granted pre-ankle injury!! I’m looking forward to catching up to you!!

  2. LOL! Thank you shell! At least you know what to look forward too :) Was at work for 5 hours (and 1.5 hour drive up/back) and my ankle/heel were not happy. Had to elevate for 1/2 hour before dealing with dinner for the dogs and I. Am elevating and icing now since my heel was sending me random pains now/then. It does know how to tell me when it isn’t happy. Can’t elevate at work very easily so I’ll have to see if I can work fewer hours tomorrow or find a way to prop my foot on the desk somehow - hard to do that and type on the computer.

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