Simple Pleasures

As I took a walk down to our neighborhood park and back in some new tennis shoes I realized this was the first time, in a decade, that I was walking in a pair of tennis shoes with no pad added in the heel and without my gel pad socklet on my foot. I’ve [...]

10 week doctor visit - no boot!

Saw the doc today and I am now officially bootless! Whoopie! No night splint either. No barefoot walking allowed yet so will still need to croc it from bed to bathroom, if needed, in the middle of the night - LOL! I still have to wear heel lifts for another month. [...]

My foot at week 9

I figured I should share a picture of my foot since I haven’t shown how it looks since the sutures were removed.  It’s a little swollen tonight since it’s the end of the day and I haven’t elevated it much all day.  Here is my foot with the silicon sheet on.  This is to reduce [...]

Retired so far …

I figured I would document the items I used to use but which I no longer need to use as I’ve progressed through the healing process.
I retired the hand bells at about week 4. I was joking before surgery that hubby needed to get me a bell to ring when I needed him to [...]

A 2 footed shower!

OK - so I take joys in the simple things in life My doc said I could shower on 2 feet if I wore a croc with a heel lift on my right foot. My foot/ankle/leg finally felt strong enough last night so I abandoned our guest bath/shower with the grab bars [...]

2 shoes!

Today was the day I can wear 2 shoes again - but just for 3.5 hours So I started off by keeping my shoes on after driving home from exercising. At first I stepped very gingerly - not because anything hurts - things just don’t feel stable. Probably because I haven’t [...]