Ahhh …. got to do some cardio today!

I had my hubby drop me off at 24 hour fitness so I could get in some cardio. Did two 500m intervals on the rower. Had to rest my right leg periodically since it was sticking out to the side, holding my right foot off the ground, while my left leg was strapped into the rower. Then did some of the standard exercises I’ve been doing at home - leg lifts, pushups, weight lifting while sitting or kneeling, ab exercises, … Then I got on the recumbent bike and did a mile. It is REALLY hard to get my little left foot strapped into the bike tight enough to be able to pull on the pedal effectively. At least the bike had a middle platform I could rest my right leg on - LOL! I tested out resting my booted right foot on the pedal to see if that bugged it and it did, a tiny bit, so I mainly let it rest on the middle platform. However, it was much easier to pedal with the right foot at least providing a little downward weight while the left pulled up :)

I did email my doc when I got home to see if it was OK to rest the foot on the pedal since I am still NWB. He said that was OK as long as I’m on a recumbent bike, and I just REST it. That’s good since it makes life much easier for my left foot :)

It was great getting in a decent cardio workout - even if I am back into wimpy land for how much of a workout I can do. I’ll do it again next Tuesday when my other friends are doing the High Intensity Interval training class that I was doing before surgery. Can’t wait to get back to that - but that is months away. At least I can say hi to all of them and do my own little workout while they do HIIT.

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  1. ha! I remember that feeling of missing cardio in the initial stages! Good for you for getting out there and getting some moves early on. I was working out from the beginning as well and was really excited when I got cleared to work out on stationary bike and rowing machine. You can actually put your boot on rowing machine platform, just not push with it until you are cleared for that. I was cleared to push on bike and rowing machine since week 6, but in the boot at that stage. Also, tightening the boot/pumping more air for workouts helps out to keep the foot in one position. Keeping the rest of the body fit definitely helps in the later rehab and coming back to other activities! Keep it up! :)

  2. Thanks Agnes! Yes I’ve been doing some workouts at home since about the 2nd week and found more to do when I searched YouTube for 1 footed workouts.

    LOL! I don’t trust myself on the rower not to push - but I’ll give it a little test when I go in next. Glad the doc gave the OK to rest my foot on the pedal while biking. I should be able to get in more than a mile when my left foot doesn’t have to do ALL the pull action. Just a little weight from the right foot helped a lot when I did a test today.

    My doc is funny though. Every time I ask him about more exercises he says - “now be sure to take it easy” - LOL!

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