PWB and driving - YAY!

Saw my doc today for my 6 week appointment. I get to start walking with a boot (went from front door to dining room, back to front door area, up stairs and into my work room so far!) and am cleared for driving with shoes on. Still have to wear my night splint [...]

Ahhh …. got to do some cardio today!

I had my hubby drop me off at 24 hour fitness so I could get in some cardio. Did two 500m intervals on the rower. Had to rest my right leg periodically since it was sticking out to the side, holding my right foot off the ground, while my left leg was strapped [...]

3.5 weeks postop

Saw the doc today and get to do some ROM exercises. Just simple up/down and side to side movements - but anything is better than just keeping the foot in the boot all the time! Found out another difference between Haglunds Deformity surgery and straight ATR. Often in Haglunds (and [...]

1-footed Exercise!

So I was doing my own little exercise routine but decided to use google to find more things to do. So I searched for non weight-bearing exercise after foot surgery and found this video:
I’ll have to check with my doc to see if I can bike yet and I know I [...]

Das Boot!

I think the cast dept at Kaiser is tired of seeing me - LOL! They knew I would probably be back in on Friday for another cast redo so between them and the nurse I saw on Monday they convinced my doc to get me into the boot today. We [...]

First 2 weeks

So I’ll start by saying I didn’t have ATR.  Rather my achilles was cut and reattached in order to remove a LARGE bone spur/growth that was behind it.  Here are the happenings and pictures from the first 2 weeks.
I’ve spent most of my time laying around with my foot elevated since I had surgery on [...]

Sutures are out!

It is now 18 days post-surgery.  I’ll add another post with the earlier happenings later.  Just to clarify I did not have an ATR rather I had a very large bone spur/growth removed under my Achilles (some call this Haglunds deformity but my doc didn’t).  This required cutting the Achilles, grinding off all the bone [...]

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