Got the OK to start walking in the boot!

Finally got to see my doc at the 5 week mark.  My earlier appointment was pushed out a week since his wife had their baby early.  He had me push on his hand and said my strength is good and he said the achilles felt good as I was pushing.  He also gave me the OK to start walking - yay!  A week earlier than I expected.  This time he will have me transition through wedges.  I’m starting at 9/16", then transition to 7/16", then to 5/16".  This is definitely different from my right foot.  For that foot I just started walking in the boot, no wedges, at week 6.

One thing for sure - I’m a LOT taller with the boot and the wedge - LOL!

OK to walk!

Retired so far!

I get to start my "retired" post earlier with my left foot than I did with my right. I showered with my bare foot tonight - whoopie! So the cast cover is retired. The incision area is covered with steri strips and still has scabbing. Once the steri strips fall off I can start scar massaging. That can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks.

Cast cover is now retired!

Stitches are out!

2 weeks post op and my stitches are out!  I had to be a bit pushy about it - LOL!  The nurse initially told me the doc didn’t want them out until he saw me next - which was in another 2 weeks.  I did NOT want stitches in that long so I got a bit pushy.  So she had my doc come in to check it out and things were healed enough to take the stitches out - yay!  He even said I could do some gentle ROM exercises.  That was a surprise since I couldn’t do any ROM on my right foot until the 4 week mark.  It could be because the damage in the left foot wasn’t as much as the damage he found with the right foot.  So even with the same person and same doctor the recovery protocol differs because what the surgeon found during surgery was different.  In a day or 2 I can wash my foot too - that will be nice.  Have to wait for the little stitch holes to heal up.

Foot before stitches.  Heel is to the left

Foot after stitches were removed. Heel is on the bottom

And - if the nurse or doc doesn’t offer to spray the incision area with numbing spray before stitches come out - ask them to.   On my right foot the nurse just pulled them out and it hurt quite a bit!  Granted there was more postop bleeding from the wound in the right foot which probably made things a bit stickier around the stitches.  The nurse today had the numbing spray ready to go and I only had one little sting from one of the stitches.  Much easier on me than the first time around.


Well the new cast/splint I got yesterday and my foot did not get along. The edges of the plaster support hit my ankle right where the swelling is on the left and where the incision is on the right. Needless to say I finally cut it off this morning to get some relief. No sleep last night so I went in today to get it redone. Since they can’t really do the splint different my cast tech called my doc to see if he could just put me in the boot. And YAY! I’m booted now. Wearing my comfy night boot and showing my walking boot. I won’t be walking for another 5 weeks but it will keep my foot safe as I scooter around during the day. No generic black boot this time around!  Not sure when they switched to an aircast or perhaps I got one because my feet are so sensitive.  :)

I can honestly say I had no problems like this with the right foot.  It was just so uncomfortable and I couldn’t do anything to get relief other than cut the dang thing off.  I’m sure the fact that I’m off the percocet added to my inability to sleep.  But I got another round of nausea 3 days after getting off percocet.  I’m feeling much better in many ways tonight so maybe the damn drug is finally metabolized out of my system.    Things were bad enough last night that I was considering taking it again, but then I would think about the nausea and that kept me from taking it again.

I'm booted!

5 days postop

Just got back from my 5 day check.  Cut off the splint, checked the wound, put on a new splint.

Foot 5 days after bone spur surgery

Since the percoset was making me very nauseated and light headed I stopped taking it 2 days ago. However, after the "exertion" of going to my postop checkup and back more of it metabolized and made me nauseous and light headed again - I felt bad enough that I took another anti-nausea pill. I was pretty surprised! Then I did some reading and found that percoset can be detected in your urine up to 4 days after you stop taking it …. ack!!! So I need to do more activity in order to get this stuff metabolized and out of my system. So some laps with the knee scooter and some exercises are in the plan now. I really want to get my stomach back to feeling normal again.

Fortunately tylenol and icing are taking care of the bit of pain that I have.

And the recovery process starts again!

Elevating at home after surgery

And the healing process begins again ….

Had surgery on my left foot yesterday to remove a bone spur/Haglunds deformity.  The doc said the damage was less for this foot.  Not surprising since I had the bone spur on my right foot for over a decade before I had it removed.  However the pain is greater on this foot.  I’m guessing that is because before surgery I was getting pain in many more areas of my foot (nerve under the ankle, pains shooting up my calf, pain all over the bump area) compared to my right foot (just pain all over the bump area).  So more nerves/tendons/… were annoyed before surgery and probably got annoyed during surgery as well.  Or the long term painkiller they inject at surgery may not be as effective on this foot.  Who knows?  The pain meds keep it down to a throb and it’s not much more painful than before surgery so I’ll manage.

So now the 3 week ice/elevate process begins.  I go in Monday for a check of the surgery site.

Getting ready!

Preop appt is done, disabled placard is ready to go, left foot surgery countdown … 9 days Same doc as for my right foot.  He won’t let me walk on hills until the 6 month mark so the disabled placard is good for 6 months.  Once I start walking I don’t typically use it, but I did have a consulting job in about month 5 after my first foot surgery where the non-disabled parking was down a steep hill so I did actually use the placard in the 5th/6th months after the first surgery.
california disabled placard - good until I can walk on hills again in 6 months

My Last Hurrah before the next surgery

I got in a trip to Norway to play soccer on an amazing field before my surgery in about 1.5 weeks. I’m going to get in at least a couple of games at home too. :) This is the amazing field The soccer field in Henningsvaer

Here are both teams after the game in Henningsvaer:

The teams in Henningsvaer

And both teams after the game in Oslo at the Norway cup:

The teams in Oslo at the Norway cup

Getting ready for the next foot!

My left foot is getting worse and I really tweaked the achilles while trying to sprint after a speed demon in my last soccer game. I hoped to get my left foot fixed after a September tournament but, based on my last game, I doubt I’ll be playing very well by September so I called my doc and have my surgery scheduled for 8/15. Another bone spur removal which will involved cutting my achilles, grinding off a LOT of bone and reattaching the achilles. I know the drill and what will be involved since my right foot had the same surgery 2/2017. Now that I know how good things feel afterwards I’m looking forward to this surgery. Quite a difference from my first surgery - which was my first surgery ever. I was REALLY stressed out before I had it. Since my foot surgery I’ve had 2 other minor surgeries so I’m well versed in pre- and post- surgery protocols :)

1 year anniversary!

1 year ago today I had my heel spur (mega heel bump is how I viewed it) surgery. A year later I’m back to all my normal activities and my right foot feels GREAT! Unfortunately my left foot is starting to bug me more - LOL! I don’t know if I didn’t notice it before because my right foot was so bad or if it has just gotten worse since it had to be the main foot for about 6 months. I’m wearing my gel pads on my left foot now and I’ve already decided to get it worked on next February. Maybe I’ll actually like running after both heel spurs are gone. …. maybe … LOL! I’ll see my doctor for my 1 year follow up next Wednesday and I’ll have him put me on his calendar for surgery in February 2019. In the meantime I have soccer tournaments lined up for March, April, May and September. I have to get my soccer playing in for the year!