3 Day Post Surgery and Not Too Bad

February 21st, 2016

Not too bad so far.  I DID only do the spinal block for surgery.  Went okay.  STILL got EXTREMELY nauseous and vomited the WHOLE time the surgery was going on.  Said it was caused by my allergies to the anesthesia (ALWAYS have problems with them!) even though it was only the spinal medicine. Told the anesthiologist (who was AMAZING!) when I started getting sick and within 20 seconds was covered in sweat (diaphotetic) had Zofran pumped into the IV, 2 nurses placing cool washclothes on my back, head and arms.  Surgery took a total of 90 minutes.  Was sick until the last 10 minutes! UGH!  NOT pleasant at all!  BUT was in recovery only 45 minutes and as soon as the spinal medicine was stopped began feeling better.  Left 2 hours after surgery and have been behaving myself - for the most part!  No one warned me about how you would need a lift seat for the toilet!  About fell off the toilet the first time I tried to lower myself down! NOT a pretty picture! DEFINATELY GET AT LIFT SEAT FOR YOUR TOILET!!!  I also have a knee scooter and do not know HOW you people do without one!!! It does take some time getting used to it but my biggest issue is that I get overconfident with it.  Only stumbled a few times but have been able to catch myself before I fall all the way!  Will let you know how things are going later!!

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