Another challenging day!

March 26th, 2016

Have been walking, basically, all week in flip flops, no crutches, no knee walker. Not totally planned but after returning from vacation after an emergency I left all of them down in my vehicle with my husband. Foot has been doing pretty well. Sore and bit swollen but considering I have now walked around Disney Magic Kingdom, the hotel, through the Tampa Airport ( 2 times because of phone dying and needed to get a charger and then back to get a wall plug instead of a car charger), through Indianapolis Airport, 4 trips up and down 4 floors at the hospital and today shopping at 3 stores for 4 hours, coming home and cleaning the house, and putting away clothes and luggage my surgical foot isn’t too bad. Wore an ace bandage all day and it REALLY helped. Too bad my non surgical calf has a muscle spasm in it now!!! UGH!!! My brother who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on Tuesday is not doing too well. He has pneumonia and is coughing up blood. Trying differnt meds to see if it helps. He has had 2 back to back rough nights coughing and then his heart rate has gone up over 200 twice. We went through so much in 2014 with him. He was in a BAD car accident that almost killed him several times - all ribs broken, lung collapsed, blod clots in the lungs, crushed pelvis, cracked left shoulder blade, dislocated right shoulder blade, fist size hole in his diaphragm and shattered spleen. Got him through ALL of that and he returned to work after just 5 months. Was doing GREAT until this. However, it was caught early, stage M1 of 7 and only diagnosed because they thought he was having a heart attack at work and called an ambulance!! He has an angel watching over him!!! Stress, pain in my foot and being SO exhausted by all of this but STILL I am grateful that MY foot surgery and recovery is doing so well. Will happily take the pain if it means being able to be with my brother! Thanks all for your support!

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  1. Pozaicer on March 30, 2016 1:08 pm


    Keep it up and be kind to the foot, good soldier it’s been to you so far!

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