No more stitches or steristrips!!!

March 16th, 2016
3 1/2 weeks post surgery

3 1/2 weeks post surgery

I lost the last steristrip last night! YAY!!! Was able to put some bio-oil on site to help as it had dried out sooooo much! Feels better already. Went outside yesterday (70’s and SUNNY!) and raked 5 flowerbeds and cleaned up all the dead plants from last fall. Packed for vacation. Worked on church items and all in all had a GREAT day. Foot was a bit swollen but not too sore. Elevated and rested all evening and woke up feeling fine! Tomorrow I return for my 4 week post op check. Hoping I can drive after that. I doubt it but a girl’s gotta dream! Then off to vacation!!! For all of you just starting out - hang in there! It DOES get better. Biggest suggestion I have is to KNOW your body and abilities! Keep your stitches VERY clean and do NOT get an infection!!! I was told to elevate, use frozen rice bags for icing your foot (it adjust to the shape of your foot and doesn’t get soggy!) My doctor said for the first 7 days post surgery - 5 minutes up for every 2 hours down. THAT’S ALL!!! I DID behave the first week! After that and if everything is going good listen to your body! It WILL let you know if you are doing too much and when to sit! Other than that be patient! (Says the MOST impatient person on the planet!) If you have a question post it on here! I have gotten GREAT suggestions and answers to help out! Have a GREAT day everyone!!!

2 Responses to “No more stitches or steristrips!!!”

  1. s40love on March 17, 2016 9:03 am

    Congrats on your progress! As long as you are being careful, I think you are doing great!

  2. Manny on March 17, 2016 11:25 am

    Congrats, Crzkdsmom! Hope your medical appointment goes well and you are cleared for driving! I gotta support your dreams! LOL

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