Post Surgery Week 3!

March 11th, 2016

Today is my 3rd week - I had surgery on Feb. 19. Hasn’t been too bad so far. No infection, not too much pain and PWB. Doc says I’m about 2 weeks ahead of schedule! YAY ME! BUT, I did post that I worked in my gardens on Tuesday. I was not hurting while I was focused on the gardens but the past 2 days I have been sore. Just as ALL on here have said - take it easy!!! As you can tell from my other posts I do NOT approach life like that! I have had to sit with foot up and go back to using both crutches and occassionally the knee scooter. That’s okay. I knew from reading others posts on here that there will be setbacks. I have been listening and learning from ALL of you! I knew to slow down, elevate and rest. That is what I have done! THANK YOU!!! I feel like I’m back on track and though still somewhat sore, at least it is managable. One question I have for others - in the morning when you get up does your incision cite (I still have steristrips on) feel like it is pulling apart? And my heel feels REALLY STIFF! Is this something any of you have experienced? Called the doctor and spoke with the nurse and she thought it was from swelling but to look at the foot it isn’t swollen. At least not much. She told me to wear the boot overnight for a few nights (NOT working so well for sleeping!). Anyone have ideas??? Thanks all of you!!!

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  1. metonia on March 11, 2016 9:49 am

    Well crzykdsmom I definitely DID have the pulling, then the separation and that is what it felt like. I think it actually split due to the side to side stretches I was doing.

    Same with the swelling, didn’t look it but it was. The PWB as ordered will help that. Instead of the boot I wrapped my foot at night and that helped some but really only time fixes the problem.


  2. Crzykdsmom on March 11, 2016 11:07 am

    Thanks metonia!
    I thought the pulling might be just normal stretching but wanted to make sure!

    My friends and family have all said they are amazed at how patient I HAVE been (at least for me!). I am trying to behave but have NEVER been one to sit on the sidelines! After delivering our daughter 17 years ago we went straight to 2 soccer tournaments for our boys after leaving the hospital! And 2 days later went to 2 baseball games for the same 2 kids!

    I think I will try wrapping the foot like you suggested. I have a bed that is positionable and do have it elevated at night but I just can’t sleep in the boot!

    Thanks again and I’ll TRY to be more patient!!!

  3. Manny on March 11, 2016 11:57 am

    Great news, crzkdsmom! Many in my family suffer from cabin fever and wanderlust, so I understand what you are saying. I, too, have had to rest up a couple of days after overdoing it, and that part I think is fine. The concerns here are your incision, and the risk of re-rupturing. As long as you take care of those two concerns you should be fine. :-)
    Keep up the happy healing process!

  4. sunny on March 11, 2016 2:52 pm

    Hi there crazy mom, we live in a parellel universe! I can not sit still either. Yes to stiff heel, even at 8 weeks it feels like iron in the morning. No to my incision feeling like it is being tugged, so idk about that one. You take care.

  5. Crzykdsmom on March 12, 2016 9:09 am

    Manny and sunny!Thanks for your kind words.

    Manny rerupturing is my MAIN worry. I have really been listening to body. The incision itself looks pretty good. Will be taking it easy this week as we will be going on vacation in Florida on Friday. Sitting on a beach will be GREAT for my recovery - both from surgery and cabin fever!

    Sunny, I totally cannot sit still. I have tried working on stuff for my church on my laptop, made fairy gardens till I am all fairyed out! Cleanded out paperwork till I’m sick of paper. I’ve even been using the adult coloring to try to keep my sanity! Luckily I have great kids and friends who take me out to run errands and keep me somewhat sane.

    The tugging the nurse said is the incision healing and basically tightening. They said to just get up slower and ease my foot down. They said that I can sleep in the boot - yeah right!- and that should keep my foot from swelling which is causing the pulling. I tried to sleep with ice on it last night but about froze my foot off! Started at 12:00 midnight with it on and by 2 was throwing it off! Ugh!

    Well, all of you take care and BEHAVE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Says the girl who does’t!

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