Back from the Doctor - 1 Week Post Op

February 26th, 2016

Went to dr. this a.m. and he was HAPPY with everything! No infection, minimal bruising and swelling, and will remove stitches next week!!! YAY!!! For all of you just starting out - DO WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS!!! Ice, elevate, rest and limit yourself to 10 minutes every 2 hours! All of this for 7 days!!! (Well, actually I lasted 4 days!) I went out for the day and have enjoyed myself - thanks to my 25 year old baby boy! Added bonus - got some Girl Scout Cookies to munch on next week and supplies to make some more Fairy Gardens! YAY ME!!! Tomorrow will be my 2nd shower day! PRAY it goes well!!!

Another Milestone Reached - a shower!

February 23rd, 2016

Day 4 and first day by myself went great. Fixed my own breakfast, coffee (put in a travel mug), lunch, worked on laptop, and with the help of my husband, took my first shower. THAT was a challenge! In preparation to surgery I installed a dual showerhead. One that has a handheld wand that has a pause button on the hand part. Got the water turned on and switched to handheld only, then paused it. My husband put a large, plastic step stool in our neo angle shower stall. Put on a boot cover over my boot. He helped lower me to the stool and was able to use wand to wet my hair, paused it, washed, rinsed then conditioned my hair. Soaped myself and rinsed off. My husband then helped lift me up and I used my knee scooter to balance while drying off. It felt WONDERFUL! I hadn’t read anything about preparing for surgery. Some of the things I have learned that make a HUGE difference- 1) toilet seat lift 2) knee scooter 3) water bottle 4) a little bag to put things in that hangs over the handle of the scooter ( I put my cell phone, remote controls, medicine, pen, paper, etc) These things have made my life SO much easier and I can be pretty independent during the day when the family is at work and school. BEST advise I can say off of here - KEEP YOUR FOOT ELEVATED!!! Day 4 and haven’t taken any pain meds except tylenol and anti inflammation meds. I am NOT a patient person but so far not too bad. I am hoping after doctor visit on Friday that I can go and enjoy dinner out. We’ll see. Biggest issue for me is keeping from wanting to get up all the time. I am not used to sitting around. But I have 2 graduations to plan and am working on invitations and stuff to feel that I am getting something accomplished. Sorry to ramble on but am glad for this site!

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