Getting worried!

January 5th, 2016

I posted this last night but wasn’t sure if I needed to re do it.

Just scheduled my bone spur surgery for Feb. 19. Not sure about doing this. As a wedding planner and mom of 4 so far it doesn’t sound good (after reading some of these posts!). But can’t get around like I used to (I’m 52) and don’t want to keep walking like I’m 100. One question I have is that I have BAD reaction to general anesthia. I have asked my surgeon about having local for the procedure. He said that they can give me a spinal block and then do local. Has anyone on here ever had it done this way? I have had dental extractions, carpel tunnel surgery, etc with just local and have felt fine. Just get TOOOOOO sick on the general stuff. I think (and have been told) that I have a high pain tolerance so HOPING that is the case. Another question I have is that if I have the surgery on Feb. 19 we are planning a vacation over spring break (March 19) am I going to be able to get around at a theme park okay? I don’t necessarily want to get on rides but just the walking concerns me. Dr. said 2 weeks NWB then 4 weeks walking cast. Help!

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  1. beanie on January 5, 2016 10:30 pm

    Hey crzykdsmom, I’m not sure about the spinal block option but I’ve read blogs where people have good results with it, so I think it will be fine. I have also read blogs where people go to theme parks or on vacation around the 4 week mark and these people managed fine. You may be uncomfortable with swelling, especially if you have to fly there. You will probably need to have your crutches to help you even though you’ll be FWB in the walking cast - it’s just extra support and lets you stop putting weight on the foot if you get tired. Additionally many parks have those scooters that you can use if you are disabled - so if you can then get one of those. But if all goes well with surgery, you should be fine. Although mine was a rupture, not a bone spur so my experience may not help, I went away on a weekend where I was on my feet all day both days and walking from area to area at around 3 weeks and although I was still PWB and using crutches it was fine. I got tired and my foot swelled up, but it wasn’t too bad. You should ask your surgeon’s opinion too, she/he will know best how mobile you will be after the surgery at 4 weeks.

  2. crzykdsmom on January 6, 2016 10:26 am

    Thank you beanie! I was seriously considereing cancelling but my husband is ADAMENT that I get it done. It is my daughter’s senior year vacation and don’t want to ruin it. I am actually getting one of the knee scooters so I will have that to use. Thanks again!

  3. cpo on January 7, 2016 12:45 pm

    @crzykdsmom, I am about ten months post-op, not yet 100%, but back to most activity and I can share my perspective. IMO, at your stage during vacation, a knee-bike is essential. I got quite good on mine, even “walked” home from the hospital, about two miles, at day 30 of my recovery. At that point I was about 25% weight bearing and in a cast.

    Just bear in mind that a fall off of the knee bike would be a major bummer, so I’d recommend you be conservative (you definitely don’t want to go over the handle bars or lay that thing down), and be prepared to trash the shoe on your good leg. Even with brakes on the knee bike, which I think are essential, you are dragging your good foot downhill. I smoked a pair of shoes (or, rather, a half of a pair) during my recovery (but it was worth it).

    If you don’t have the chance to use the knee bike a fair amount ahead of your trip, you will likely get a bit tired and you just have to factor that in. Just rest and elevate and do what makes sense. That said, I got quite comfortable on it, and actually missed it when I went FWB.

    Overall, I’ve tried hard to let my body be my guide, as I think that it’s easy to fall into the comparison trap–especially with a lot of totally well-meaning but sometimes conflicting information coming from a message board. I’ve listened to all of that and have appreciated it, but have tried to just listen to how I am feeling. That changes day to day, sometimes irrespective of the timeline (e.g. there are steps back for me, albeit usually tiny ones).

    Good luck in your recovery and your trip!

  4. Metonia on January 9, 2016 12:58 am

    most parks offer electric scooters for rent. All you need is your drivers license which you usually have to leave so they are sure you return the scooter and the fee. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to a theme park but the cost was $50.00 for the day last time I used the service.

  5. crzykdsmom on January 11, 2016 11:40 am

    Thanks for the info. I am usually one to “push” my limits so I will focus on moderation for once in my life! LOL!

    My parents will be joining us and they have both had major joint surgery, dad had both hips replaced and mom had both knees replaced. They both have done FANTASTIC so I am going to focus on following in their footsteps!

    My son will be graduating in May with his graduate degree and my daughter will be graduating in June from high school so I am going to do MY best to be back up and maybe not running but at least “walking” by then!

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