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ATR playing basketball after an hour and 20 minutes of play. My team was 3minutes away from losing and end my basketball for that day when i just pushed with my right foot to run and get the ball when i felt as if someone kicked me really hard right on my heel. I shouted at the guy behind me "what the F**k did you hit me for". Then another guy came and told me no one touched you. He told me that i ruptured my Achilles tendon and that it happened to him before, but from his facial expression and tone of voice I knew it was something really bad even though I did not hear him properly and did not know what ATR was at the time. He kept saying to the staff at the gym who were helping me do the Thompson test I was like what the hell is wrong with this guy wanting me to do this Thompson test(well now I know what he is talking about).I then placed some ice on it and went to hospital where they confirmed ATR and placed a half cast on it. The doctor gave me two options surgery or non surgical on the NHS. Since I have Bupa health care i google and asked around for the best specialist and found one in London at the Cromwell hospital specializing in knee and ankle surgery (only private.NHS not available). I did the operation 4 days later. Apparently my surgeon used the latest new Ahillon(TM) device with only minor incisions. Now i'm 4 days post op and feeling better every day. He placed me on half cast 5 inches below the knee from the top of the leg leaving the AT area exposed(its great because you can place ice on it to alleviate the pain and burning sensation. (draw back the cast becomes a bit loose and during sleep the foot has space to move in the wrong range of motion that can be very painful . Solution I sleep with my leg bent from the knee to tighten the cast.) according to my specialist I expected to return to jogging at 3 months and running / jumping sports by 6 months. Semi-aggressive i guess compared to what i hear on different blogs. Word of advice keep leg elevated as much as possible during the first two weeks post op.

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