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The professor - A famous basketball player and social influencer documents his recovery. Actual rapture was captured on video. Go through his 1 year journey in 24 minutes. worth seeing.

I need guildlines as to when to start running. Its been 41 weeks since the operation. Since then had 15 physio session the first 3 months and after that i have been a bit lazy and not going to the gym. Last 2 months i started to go to the gym 2 times a week. In the gym i do light leg raises. and jog once in a while. I also run in the swimming pool and do excercises.

I can do 15 1 heel raises on my injured leg at 85% of the full extension.
I can walk long distances without any pain.
I jogged 3 times 5 minutes each with slight pain afterword.
My calf on injured leg is 15% smaller than the good leg.
I can reach 95% to full extension on a heel raise once

I worry a bit because there is a bump under the insesion that the doctor told me to massage using a spoon. It has improved but it is still visible. Is that something i should worry about?

ALso gained 10 KG extra wieght.

Never attempted to run.

Can anyone advice me as to when to start running and how to go about it.


I was doing my heel raises carying 80% of my body weight. A few minutes after my excersise I notice the lump 1 inch above my heel. No pain during or after excercise. Not sure if it happened during excersise.I always had a small lump Until at least 2 days a go im sure the bump was not that big. Its about 3 times bigger now. Not sure if it was sudden or it been happening gradually. I thought I ruptured my Achilles but I can feel it attched all the way. The only thing I can thing of is 5 days ago I stepped on a curve and felt a a sudden stretch no real pain. Advice is really appreciated

I started physio 1 week ago and now I’m increasing the load on my AT. When i do 2 legged heel raises or marching in one place a clicking noise starts coming from my bad ankle. I’m pretty sure it’s from my AT. There is no pain though. What should I do? Should I stop doing those exercises? Any advice is appreciated.

I saw my doctor 3 weeks ago. He took off my cast and placed me in boots weight bear as much as i feel comfortable with. Also i was told that i need to do the back and forth ROM (pump exercises). 3 weeks on and I’m FWB without crutches. The doctor told me to see him in 4 weeks which is this coming Wednesday to start PT. I called for an appointment for that date but was told my doctor went on vacation. My PT will therefore be delayed 10 days.

In those 10 days before i see my doctor I would like some simple exercises. Nothing too risky. Any advice out there will be greatly appreciated? your advice is greatly appreciated….

I just finished 4 weeks. Cast off. Boot on. FWB . Doctor said I can take boot off when resting. But during sleep should the boot be off or on? please help. Thanks in advance.

Its 2 weeks post op and just saw the doctor who did my operation. He took the back-slab off with scissors and i must admit after seeing so many horrific images of AT at this stage i expected the worse. I even started to feel that imaginary pain when there was no pain at all. As soon as my foot was revealed all that imaginary pain was gone. I was astonished and amazed to see a barely visible 3 cm scar and 0 swelling. In fact apart from the 3 cm scar and brown stains from the antiseptic, my foot looked exactly the same as the other one. I was placed in a fiberglass cast and away i went. I felt so good and pain free i decided to hang out with a few friend for another 4 hours before i went home. Now I’m in my bed and barely felt any swelling throughout that time. That just shows that pain sometime is only in your mind.

This image shows the tiny incision from my achilles tendon rupture surgery
AT photo

This image shows the shape of my ankle and foot with 0 swelling and smooth achilles tendon

This image shows the comparison of my left foot and right injured foot

Happy days and happy healing to everyone

Hi everyone

Just wanted to share two links that i found useful and encouraging.

Watch elsurfer walk at 5.5 weeks after a sports enjury below. I was surprised and encouraged. Is this the normal to walk this soon?

I recommend elsurfer’s blog to anyone who wants to see video of his progress during different stages after his sports enjury.
elsurfer blog

A protocol which I also found helpful. It states that during first 2 weeks post op i need to wiggle my toes on the injured foot every now and then to get the circulation going. Is that good advice? It sure feels good doing it, I can feel my AT move a bit though, no pain.

sports watch

My progress: it’s day 9 post op and apart from a few close calls where i was about to fall using my crutches to go to he bathroom, My AT is healing nicely. By the way i notice just when your about to fall your foot will take it’s natural position to land on the floor even with the cast on. Very strange. Thank god i did not fall and all that I felt was just a sting that lasted a few minutes. Im also starting to feel an itch on my AT area.

1st week post op.

The first 4 days are the most painful 2nd the 3rd are the worst as the anesthetic wares off pain will set in. They gave me paracetamol , ibuprofen and tramadol. I never needed to take tramadol as the pain was always bearable.

Now i’m 7 days post op and so far it seems the worst is over.I’m feeling better every day. I was placed on half cast 3 inches below the knee from the chin all the way to the end of my foot below the toes leaving the calf and AT area un-cast. I like it because you can place ice right on the AT to alleviate the pain and burning sensation. The drawback is that the cast becomes a bit loose and during sleep the foot has space to move in the wrong range of motion that can be very painful . Solution I sleep with my leg bent from the knee to tighten the cast.

Days 4 to 7 pain will start to gradually subside and gradually become more comfortable walking on crutches with less pain and inflammation when blood rushes back down to you foot when its not elevated.

according to my specialist I expected to return to jogging at 3 months and running / jumping sports in 6 months. Semi-aggressive i guess compared to what i hear on different blogs.

Word of advice keep leg elevated as much as possible during the first two weeks post op.

Since I have Bupa( health care insurance) I decided to go private, so i immediately Googled and asked around for the best specialist and found one in London at the Cromwell hospital specializing in knee and ankle surgery and was top of the game with the latest surgeries and procedures for example he uses the latest new Ahillon(TM) device during surgery with only minor incisions.

I went to see the specialist with my girl friend, who wanted to see for herself what ATR looked like. I went to his office my mind already made up  on surgery. He explained a few things that i already know about surgical and non  surgical option and he new i did not need convincing.  I trusted the doctor and did not ask about specifics and complication as that would lead to more anxiety leading up to the surgery. The only thing that freaked me out was when he touched the cap of about 2 inches where my Achilles was suppose to be and when my girl friend saw it she fainted, so now all the attention was diverted to reviving her. She was ok a few minutes later. word of advice leave your girlfriends and wives at home.

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