Now Weight Bearing - 6 weeks post op (post FHL Tendon Transfer)…

Got the cast removed on October 10th (Friday) and was given an aircast/boot with partial weight bearing instruction for just a couple of days…. After those two days passed I was determined to try full weight bearing as instructed by the Doctor.  I was able to walk but very carefully and very painfully… As the days passed the pain was bearable but still not completely gone.  Even today, 10 days weight bearing, I still have pain on the bottom of my heel and am back on ibuprofen to get me through the day.  I also have a tender spot at the bottom of my incision that I am concerned about… Just emailed the Doctor with some questions.  Not sure if these things are normal or something I really need to be concerned about…..

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  1. Pain under the heel is normal. Usually responds to squishy gel footbeds, rest and massage - like rolling over a tennis ball (seated!) or a frozen water bottle.
    The other pain may be more important - or not.
    I’ve read frequently that NSAIDs (like ibu) are bad for healing tendons. I’ve never seen the science behind the claim, but I haven’t looked either.

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