FHL Tendon Transfer

Last Thursday I had a second Achilles repair operation and this time was a debridement of my old Achilles, removal of bone spurs, and transfer of FHL Tendon (from big toe).  5 days later feeling ok… just uncomfortable and cannot wait to move around more!  I highly recommend getting a nerve block to anyone getting any type of orthopedic operation done.  This was a major contributor to my fast recovery.  I went into the hospital at 8:20, in the operating room at 9:45, woke up at 1:30 and left the hospital at 3:30.  Record time for me!!  I am already able to move all of my toes and was relieved to see that I still have control over my big toe, as though nothing has changed!  Will post more updates as I progress through my recovery…  Hope all of you who have had Achilles operations get through this difficult situation in our lives with patience and courage… we are very brave people!!  XX

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  1. Can you provide any pics post links

  2. tried posting pictures but had difficulty…

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