10 Weeks Post Op!

At 10 weeks post op and doing much better!  In walking air cast full weight-bearing and incision is looking better as well.  Next doctor’s appointment is on November 14th where I am hoping to be advised to wear a shoe and to start PT!  Ankle is definitely still stiff but I can bear weight on my foot and leg without the boot at night when I get home from work.  The ankle does not bend completely but I am trying to walk slow to stretch it.  It feels good to be able to put the pressure on my leg and foot and feel as though it is strengthening.  I have a pretty good range of motion when I flex my foot and toes.  Getting there!!!

Now Weight Bearing - 6 weeks post op (post FHL Tendon Transfer)…

Got the cast removed on October 10th (Friday) and was given an aircast/boot with partial weight bearing instruction for just a couple of days…. After those two days passed I was determined to try full weight bearing as instructed by the Doctor.  I was able to walk but very carefully and very painfully… As the days passed the pain was bearable but still not completely gone.  Even today, 10 days weight bearing, I still have pain on the bottom of my heel and am back on ibuprofen to get me through the day.  I also have a tender spot at the bottom of my incision that I am concerned about… Just emailed the Doctor with some questions.  Not sure if these things are normal or something I really need to be concerned about…..

Second Week Post-Op

On my second week post-op and feeling ok.  Have a consistent burning sensation in the back of my food under my post-op splint so I have asked my surgeon’s office what this was.  They said it was normal to feel this and was because of the incision.  I am also feeling occasional pains once in a while on the side of my foot as well but this could be because of the transfer site (most likely the attachment site where the new screws are in my heel bone).  Taking ibuprofen for pain.

FHL Tendon Transfer

Last Thursday I had a second Achilles repair operation and this time was a debridement of my old Achilles, removal of bone spurs, and transfer of FHL Tendon (from big toe).  5 days later feeling ok… just uncomfortable and cannot wait to move around more!  I highly recommend getting a nerve block to anyone getting any type of orthopedic operation done.  This was a major contributor to my fast recovery.  I went into the hospital at 8:20, in the operating room at 9:45, woke up at 1:30 and left the hospital at 3:30.  Record time for me!!  I am already able to move all of my toes and was relieved to see that I still have control over my big toe, as though nothing has changed!  Will post more updates as I progress through my recovery…  Hope all of you who have had Achilles operations get through this difficult situation in our lives with patience and courage… we are very brave people!!  XX