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The Incident

April 19th, 2011 · 14 Comments

Hi readers,

I’m officially 19 days since the incident, and 9 days post-op, so I’ll get up to speed in this one post.  I stumbled on this site when doing research on Achilles Tendon Rupture recovery and thought it may be beneficial to others and myself to share my experiences along the way.   I may be the first, or one of the few, on this blog to suffer the injury while doing CrossFit .  More so, I intend to incorporate CrossFit in aiding the recovery.

How It Happened:

On April 1, 2011 I was performing a prescribed workout for time which included a box jump .  At the bottom of the jump, I exploded up and immediately felt and heard the dreaded pop and snap in my left leg.  I had initially thought that a weight had rolled under me and taken out my legs.  Unfortunately, it was not a joke and when failing to stand back up, I knew it was serious.

I got home with the help of some of the gym members and immediately dunked my leg in a bucket of  ice.  Remarkably, I didn’t suffer from any pain when I got injured or that night.  The next morning, I planned a visit to see my general doctor.  But with limited Saturday hours and a hoard of people waiting before the office opened, I decided to drive to the emergency room at the hospital across the street.  The ER doc performed the Thompson’s test to confirm what I already knew, a complete ATR.  I got x-rays, was put in a soft cast and got referrals to see a podiatrist and orthopedist.

I saw the podiatrist the following Tuesday, April 5.  Here’s a picture showing the swelling around my foot.  The bruising pattern was shaped like a horseshoe around my heel.

I was put in a soft cast and a walking boot, but was told not to bear any weight.

I got an MRI that same evening and after one more visit to the podiatrist, I went under on April 11, 2011.  The surgery went well and two days later, I followed up with the podiatrist.  There was no sign of infection and was put in a hard cast.  I returned to work after two days and this is how I currently look.  I try to keep the leg elevated as much as possible.

I’m fortunate that I don’t suffer from any pain at the moment.  The only medication I’m taking are the antibiotics (which ends today) and an anti-inflammatory.  The only discomfort I’m feeling is during showering and slight itchiness in bed at night. Next follow-up for me is in a couple of weeks to get the sutures removed.

That’s it for now. I hope to help and contribute in any way.

CrossFit Mike

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