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PT has begun

July 1, 2011 · 2 Comments

I went a little ass backwards by getting back into exercise before PT. Had my first session on Wednesday and it only consisted of me being hooked up to an electric pulse massage type machine for 40 minutes. It was cranked up pretty high and it got slightly painful at the end. I ended up going to do a CrossFit workout immediately after and definitely noticed that the Achilles wasn’t as tight as it normally was.

At this point, the main concern is the bit of swelling I have around the ankle area. The tendon feels fine, still a bit tight, but stretching usually alleviates this with no problem. I’ve been prescribed to take naproxen and use a Flector patch to try and mitigate the swelling. I’m doing the daily stretches advised by my doctor and trying not to push too hard.

I can almost walk normally, there’s still a slight hiccup in my cadence, but I’ve seen vasts improvements over the last few days. I can lightly jog in place and jump rope for a bit. No single leg calf-raise yet, but I haven’t been really trying to put excessive force or weight on it quite yet. My range of motion is getting better as well.

I went on a Vegas “bro” trip over the weekend and was weary that I might hurt myself during the trip, but I fortunately went and returned unscathed. I did lots of dancing/partying and from the little I remember, did have to take breaks on multiple occasions because of pain and swelling. On the plus side, I came back with a few extra $$$ in my pocket :D.

I go in for another session of PT today, not sure what to expect. If it’s just getting hooked up to a machine, I may cancel the rest and seek it elsewhere.



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  • nickokie // Jul 2nd 2011 at 9:37 am

    Hey Mike,
    I see you are back in shoes now, have you been able to do a lot more in crossfit now? I am still in a boot but have been able to do a lot more since I am FWB. I have added rowing, kb swings, squats, and wall balls. Start pt next week. Glad you encouraged me to get back in there as soon as I did, I think it has help me progress quickly, and I have not lost much of my upper body strength. Had to get the calises built back up on my hands tho. First time to do a WOD with lots of pullups I tore my hands pretty good. Glad to see you’re doing well bro.


  • crossfitmike // Jul 5th 2011 at 8:00 am


    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m definitely doing a lot more CF. Obviously still not at 100 %, but am scaling or modding exercises as needed. Haven’t done any major strength training on the leg, only because the doc hasn’t given me the go yet. Even with the boot, there’s still lots you can do. Just listen to your doc, trainer and body.

    Torn hands come with the territory, haha. Injured Achilles or not, it’s bound to happen. Good to see you’re doing well yourself.