The First 3 days Post-Op

When the anesthesia wore off I was okay. My leg was numb and I didn’t feel anything. I remember my doctor saying that I should start taking pain killers well before my 12 hours of nerve block was up. I was unsure of how early I should take them so I started around 8. I took only 2 percocet and nothing else. The WORST mistake I made. I feel asleep and all I remember is waking up around 12 in so much pain. I took 2 more percocet and went back to sleep. I woke up almost every hour. The pain wasn’t as bad when the percocet kicked in but it still hurt. The nurse told me before I left surgery to call if I was in too much pain. That morning (after waking up every hour) around 7:45, I tried calling the office because on a paper it said they opened at 8, but I got no answer. On the website I found out they opened at 8:30. That was the longest 30 minutes ever. I cried. I couldn’t help myself. I hadn’t cried the whole time since I first tore it but this cry was needed. It burned, it ached, it just hurt so bad. I called back at 8:30 and I still got no answer so I left a VM. They called me back within 30 minutes and they asked me if i had taken ALL of the medicines prescribed (Percocet, Valium, Promethazine, Aspirin). I told them no. He told me to take an ibuprofen along with the percocet to help with the pain as it would increase the effects. He also told me to take the valium because part of my pain could be coming from muscle spasms. I never had to use the promethazine at the same time because the medicines never made me nauseous. I used promethazine once and that was the day after I stopped using the painkillers. After that I was okay. But like everyone says the first 2-3 days are the worst. I was so drowsy from those medicines. But it was the worst sleep. I slept on the couch because it was the easiest way to keep the pillows under my leg from moving around and the easiest way to keep my leg elevated. The hardest thing was sleeping on my back. I am not a back sleeper. the first day was okay. But soon after that I was googling other ways to elevate. I normally sleep on my right side but that is my injured side so i was forced to sleep on my left. I put two pillows under my foot and one big body pillow in between my legs and that was a lot more comfortable for me. After the first three days everything got easier. I was out the door on the 3 day (i know i wasn’t supposed to be but i was being hard headed. and I got tired of laying down.)  I only went to the store with my mom. I’ve been doing fine ever since.

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