Surgery Day

I had my surgery on April 17, 2014. My surgery was scheduled for 10:45 but I had to arrive at 9:45 for all the pre-op work. I was the least bit of nervous and I was more intrigued by the process. My mom took me and she seemed a little more nervous than I was. My nurses were more than friendly and we talked the whole time. When I told them how it happened they gave me the same crazy look everyone else gave. I could only laugh because I knew it was silly. (hence the username: crippled4bnsilly) I was bummed I had to take out ALL of my piercings. I have a lot lol. Two of them I had just gotten and I knew they would close. I talked to my doctor right before he took me back and he explained how the surgery would go. The anesthesiologist came and explained that he would put me under and would also give me a nerve block that will take away the pain away and make my leg numb for another 12 hours or so. When they took me back they wasted no time. The anesthesiologist gave me the anesthesia and the last thing I remember is them telling me to turn over. After I woke up in recovery, I was a more than a little groggy. The nurses asked me if i was in any pain and yes I was. It’s not an easy feeling to describe but she didn’t doubt that I was. She asked the anesthesiologist to give me another nerve block, which he did. And after that I felt nothing. The doctor told my mom that my achilles was torn more than he expected. He prescribed me Percocet for pain, Promethazine for nausea, Valium for muscle spasms, and aspirins for blood thinning so I won’t clot. I left about 1:00 and I had the best sleep in the car on the way home. That was probably the only good sleep I had after the surgery for the next couple of days.

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