Its only the first week and I am MISERABLE.

I have my first follow up appointment this Wednesday and I am more than ready for this appointment. It seems like a big milestone in my recovery lol. I am miserable. I’m dreading the fact that I will be NWB for another 4 weeks. It is driving me insane. I can’t go to the cafeteria by myself because I can’t walk on crutches and carry my plate too so i always have to have one of my roommates with me. My campus is a big hill so this makes crutches unbearably painful to walk back and forth. The campus shuttle has a schedule of its own so I would be undoubtedly late for my classes waiting for it. AND I have a scooter (the one where you put your knee on it and scoot with the other foot) yea that one. BUT the gaps and unevenness of the pavement makes it difficult to ride without coming close to toppling over here and there. So yes this young person is struggling.

And to add to that, I get these random pains where the cut is (I had an open surgery) and it feels as those my stitches are caught on something and it is pulling at them. That is the best way I can describe it. It hurts so bad its a mixture of a stinging and burning sensation and its only in my Achilles area. Im wondering if I’ve done anything to agitate my wound. It’s kind of scary. I guess I will find out on Wednesday.

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