Back to My Childhood.

I tore my achilles on April 9, 2014 while I was at school. Some friends and I decided that we would jump Double Dutch in our down time since there was nothing going on that day on campus. This was not the first time that we jumped this semester. We had been out there for a couple of hours and everyone was having fun, laughing and carrying on. I won’t say that I’m an expert jumper. I can’t do what they do at official double dutch competitions, but I can do a few tricks or two.

This particular day I was trying out something new and decided to learn how to jump in backwards. I accomplished it a few times, but I was determined to master it before we were done. I didn’t know that when I tried it again it would not only be my last time but the reason for creating this blog in the first place. I jumped in the rope, felt a pop and started laughing because I thought someone had jumped in with me and ran into me. But I couldn’t keep jumping. I turned around and asked who kicked me, but all my friends looked at me like I was crazy because no one was in the rope with me. They all saw what happened, so when I tried to walk away and felt pain shooting up my calf it took no one by surprise. I knew it wasn’t a sprain because I’ve sprained my ankle plenty of times to know what it feels like. My achilles instantly swelled up. Im a pre-nursing major and I’ve taken Anatomy and Physiology. I was aware that I had injured my achilles but to what extent I wasn’t sure. I knew that it connected my foot to my calf muscle and if I couldn’t walk then something was seriously wrong. It wasn’t until I felt my achilles up and down and noticed the gap in between that I realized I had torn it. My friends were like no maybe you just need ice the swelling will go away, but I already knew at that moment.

When I tell people how I tore it, they all look at me like I’m nuts. I don’t blame them. I feel like this is the silliest way to be injured, especially with an injury as serious as this. I’ve ran track from my sophomore year in high school until my sophomore year in college and I NEVER had an injury besides your normal sore and occasionally bruised up muscles and bones. But to be injured from jumping rope really puts the icing on the cake. I was so upset and I’m still upset every time I think about putting my foot down to walk. A childhood pastime gone wrong is all i can say.

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My Inspiration!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Amber. I’m a 20 Year-Old female in college. I stumbled across this blog when I first tore my achilles and I’ve been connected to it ever since. I used this as my hope when I was first injured to somehow convince myself that it wasn’t torn, but as i kept reading that hope clearly diminished. I have read so many other stories and it helps to know that there are people who have and are also going through the same things that I am. All hope isn’t lost.

To those who have gone through this ordeal already, thank you for your stories. They give me hope and understanding of what’s to come. To all of those who are still struggling, we will get through it. This is the start of a long journey for me.

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