I have spent 95% of my first recovery weekend in bed with my foot raised.  I am so focused on the idea of ensuring that the initial suture and stitches have the best chance possible to heal.  I am very lucky to have my wife and my mom in the house this weekend…their love and support has been crucial, while their patience has been tested.  I had only one major freakout…

On Saturday afternoon, I suddenly felt that my calve and tendon area under the cast were warm and wet.  I convinced myself that the wound had split open…I have a vivid imagination.  I tossed and turned and read multiple posts on achilles blog (none quite addressing my exact fears, but reassuring to see that I was not the only one who has these moments of doubt and concern).  In the end, my diagnosis was a combination of feeling returning and that, perhaps, the anti-inflammatory had worn off. 

On Sunday, the pain had subsided enough that I went until 5:00pm before taking a pill.  My daughter jumped on my leg and, although she did not cause too much pain, I decided that I had been stoic enough and would take a pill in prep for sleeping. 

Tonight…a big adventure.  I am going to journey into the living room and sit to watch a movie (with my leg elevated of course).

My wife is concerned that I may be spending too much time in bed with my foot raised.  If anyone has any advice or comment, I would sure appreciate it.

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  1. trisportgirl says:


    I think more from a psychological standpoint more than anything else, it will be important for you to get out of bed. Whatever roost you choose, you can find creative ways to keep your leg elevated. I was in bed for the first day or two after surgery, but only because the medicine kept making me fall asleep! Without causing yourself too much pain, I suggest to pick the more “public” areas of your home to hang. Although it will likely get boring no matter what, especially if you are homebound for more than a few days, at least you’re not doing the whole “invalid” thing in bed. Keep your bed as the place that you rest at the end of a long day of recuperating from this crazy injury!

  2. 2ndtimer says:

    Sure you feel woozy after surgery with full anesthetics, you were allowed a break. I trust you will feel better tomorrow, and ready to get out of bed. It is a catch 22 ; the more we do not move the weaker we get…
    But keep that foot elevated (above your heart level, if possible), it is never too much if you are in cast, and hopefully you can ditch the pill.
    I got a great lounge chair for the yard. I am the most tanned in the family….

  3. joni78 says:

    My husband went out and bought me a lounge chair too! You should see the tanline I have from the cast! Kind of strange looking! :)
    I only took two of the hydrocodone and then went to tylenol. The pain killers made me itch and babble like an idiot. I also fell over the cat the day after surgery. Very scary!

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