I have spent 95% of my first recovery weekend in bed with my foot raised.  I am so focused on the idea of ensuring that the initial suture and stitches have the best chance possible to heal.  I am very lucky to have my wife and my mom in the house this weekend…their love and support has been crucial, while their patience has been tested.  I had only one major freakout…

On Saturday afternoon, I suddenly felt that my calve and tendon area under the cast were warm and wet.  I convinced myself that the wound had split open…I have a vivid imagination.  I tossed and turned and read multiple posts on achilles blog (none quite addressing my exact fears, but reassuring to see that I was not the only one who has these moments of doubt and concern).  In the end, my diagnosis was a combination of feeling returning and that, perhaps, the anti-inflammatory had worn off. 

On Sunday, the pain had subsided enough that I went until 5:00pm before taking a pill.  My daughter jumped on my leg and, although she did not cause too much pain, I decided that I had been stoic enough and would take a pill in prep for sleeping. 

Tonight…a big adventure.  I am going to journey into the living room and sit to watch a movie (with my leg elevated of course).

My wife is concerned that I may be spending too much time in bed with my foot raised.  If anyone has any advice or comment, I would sure appreciate it.

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Exactly one week ago, I was dancing with abandon at the Of Montreal concert at the Fox Theater in Oakland.  Perhaps the Belgian beers at Luka’s left me a bit dehydrated as I went to sleep. 

On Saturday morning, I dragged myself from bed and went to play in my weekly soccer match.  In many ways, I was having the worst game I can remember in my 33 years of playing.  If only it were a more competitive league, a coach would certainly have pulled me out of the game by the time 12:20pm rolled around.

It was at this moment I collected the ball near the right touchline.  The ball had almost crossed the touchline.  As 3 defenders approached, I flicked the ball forward and pushed off to run…SNAP!  A massive pain went through my left leg as though someone had kicked me as hard as they could.  As I went to ground, I turned to see who had kicked me but no one was there.  I knew instantly that I had done something quite serious.   My friends in the league were all very helpful to help me to the bench and offer concern and ice.  Special shout outs to nurse Abby, valet Rob and muscle men Sebastian and Aaron for the help to the car.

A week of research and deliberations was helped immensely when my Mom forwarded me a link to Achilles blog.  All of the knowledge and experiences shared in this community were so valuable to me this week…thanks to all of you for sharing your stories!  Considering surgery was a very heavy decision for me because the extent of my medical/dental experience was the extraction of a single tooth.

I returned home from surgery tonight and have my cast propped up on pillows.  I think I will be spending a lot of time in this position in the coming days.  I will post more this weekend about my big day at the hospital and my own decision process between surgery vs conventional.

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