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12 Weeks - Bootless at Last!

12 Weeks and Out of the Boot!

I had my 12 week Doc visit last week and at long last was cleared to go bootless full time! It seems like yesterday that I was sleeping in the damn thing. I’ve also been told I can drive a stick again which should make my wife happy since I’ve been driving her automatic for the past month.

I started PT 3 weeks ago and while progress is being made I’m still walking with a limp. Considering I haven’t been walking correctly since last August I suppose it’s something that I should expect. Has anyone noticed how long it has taken them to get back to a normal gait in the recovery process? In any event, I’m back on the bike (indoor for now) and that’s going really well. The past few days I’ve been riding a bit more aggressively which feels good but I’ve got to keep reminding myself that a setback now would be devastating. That being said, I broke into a little jog during my walk today and while it was awkward it felt pretty good I must say. Glimmers of life.

For now my immediate goals are shaking the limp and getting the bike outside. I’m scheduled for my second PRP Treatment this Monday so hopefully that will speed up the recovery process. Hopefully this will be a more enjoyable summer than ‘08 .

Oh one other question - is swelling an issue for anyone else? Seems as I become more active swelling is more pronounced. The Therapist suggested compression socks which I’m wearing as I write this so I’ll see tonight if it makes a difference. I already ice it at least once a day.