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9 1/2 weeks - back to work and the Bike

91/2 weeks Back to Work and a first trial spin on the bike. I returned to work about a week ago and it’s gone as well as can be expected. Gimping about in the boot and all. The reality is that I am fortunate that I was able to take the time off from work and focus on my recovery.
I can really feel the improvement now and that presents a new set of challenges. I have to remember to take it slow and not get ahead of myself because the last thing I need now is a setback. I’ve been walking for at least an hour a day. Last night I couldn’t take looking at my spin bike gather dust anymore so I cautiously put on my bike shoes and climbed aboard for a 15 minute ride. Light resistance and moderate cadence but it felt great to be active again. The best part was the achilles felt sturdy and twinge free, I think the P.R.P. injection really helped .Tomorrow I start PT so hopefully I’ll be in 2 shoes in short order.
It feels great to be progressing until I’m passed on the street by someone running along and it brings me back to the harsh reality that I’m still closer to the beginning of my recovery than I am to the end.