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9 1/2 weeks - back to work and the Bike

91/2 weeks Back to Work and a first trial spin on the bike. I returned to work about a week ago and it’s gone as well as can be expected. Gimping about in the boot and all. The reality is that I am fortunate that I was able to take the time off from work and focus on my recovery.
I can really feel the improvement now and that presents a new set of challenges. I have to remember to take it slow and not get ahead of myself because the last thing I need now is a setback. I’ve been walking for at least an hour a day. Last night I couldn’t take looking at my spin bike gather dust anymore so I cautiously put on my bike shoes and climbed aboard for a 15 minute ride. Light resistance and moderate cadence but it felt great to be active again. The best part was the achilles felt sturdy and twinge free, I think the P.R.P. injection really helped .Tomorrow I start PT so hopefully I’ll be in 2 shoes in short order.
It feels great to be progressing until I’m passed on the street by someone running along and it brings me back to the harsh reality that I’m still closer to the beginning of my recovery than I am to the end.

8 Weeks Post-Op FWB - Finally!

Well I got the OK to ditch the crutches as long as I stay in the boot. While this is a step in the right direction I realize I’m still closer to the beginning of this journey than I am to the end. It’s a strange mix of emotions - optimism and frustration. I don’t start PT for another 2 weeks but I have to abmit I’ve been doing some flexibility and stretching exercises that I feel have started to recruit the calf muscles and begin to awaken the long dormant fibres. I can actually see the calf working and while I may be imagining it my calf actually seems to have gotten a bit more pronounced from it’s non-existant shape post-cast. It is really starting to fire again.

I do still have some heel pain which my Doc says is to be expected but is nonetheless vexing. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I had a tendon transfer so I’m thinking it might be where the tendon was attached but the pain is on the bottom of the heel not the back. I did replace a heel lift in the boot with my orthotic and this seems to be helping somewhat since the boot provided zero arch support.

I had the repaired area treated with a Platelet Rich Plasma injection about 4 days ago and I must say the whole area is feeling a lot more stable when I do take off the boot. I have started standing in the shower for the first time since the operation. I had been really paranoid about rerupture but I think I’m getting past that fear.

I have also been trying to walk for at least an hour a day and yesterday my wife and I were walking for over 2 hours without incident. I must say hills and steps are a bitch but I’m out there so I’ll take it.

Next stop 2 Shoes.