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6 months and plyometrics

Hey everyone. Here’s my 6 month update.

I visited the doctor on Nov. 7th and he gave me the go ahead for Plyometrics training. So I told my trainer this and he set me up with a program on the 20th, which was 6 months (minus a day) post op. I was pretty scared to be jumping. Each one of these steps is as big of a mental obstacle as it is physical it seems. My doctor and trainer both said I could do it, so I trusted their opinion and went for it. My trainer has me jump up and down, distributing my weight evenly when I land. I do as many as I can in 20 seconds, making sure I cushion the landing with about a 45 degree bend at the knees. I then jump forward 8 times and back the same amount. I do a squat jump, where I bend my legs knees 90 degrees and jump. I also jump side to side, both feet together and then front/back, each for 20 seconds. I then do a run/hop in place, then a side jump to one foot and a side jump back to the other foot, they call it an “ice-skater” if that gives you a better visual.

I’m up to 1.50 miles on the treadmill and am around 5-5.2 mph (roughly 8-9kph). I did get up to about 6mph for about a minute as he wants me working towards 6.5 mph. I really need to work on cardio! I’ll be up to 1.75 miles on Tuesday. I do the plyometrics 3 times a week and strengthening 2 times a week right now.

Strengthening consists of a one legged standing cable row with a little squat/bend in the knee, walking on tip toes, walking on heels. Plus calf raises, straight footed, then toes in heels out, then heel in-toes out, so I work all of my calf/ankle muscles. I also do one legged leg-presses, something they call a “running man” where I stand on my ATR leg swing my good leg up to 90 degrees, drop it back behind me while bending the ATR leg and tap my toe on the ground. A single trunk rotation with a 4lb medicine ball, touching the wall behind me both ways while keeping arms as straight as possible. I also do my jogging on this day as my trainer doesn’t want me jogging and doing plyometrics in the same day. I stretch before and after each workout also.

I’m still experiencing a fair amount of soreness in my ankle and foot (not around achilles though-which is good I think) and if I skip more than 1 day of exercising, I really get tight and have to really have to work on stretching it out before it’s functional. It’d be nice just to have a day or two where it feels normal again but I’m sure that’s a ways off. I also started getting out of the car normally and not like an old man (swinging both feet out first).

Hope everyone is heeling well.

1 mile, a cloud of dust and a shred of daylight at 5.5 months (with Video)

Hey everyone.  I hope everyone is heeling well first off and foremost.

I’m currently at around the 5.5 month mark after surgery.  My trainer gave me the go ahead to start jogging, basically a couch to 5k program.  I’ve been working on that and made my first mile, sort of.  I stretch and do all my exercises first and then jog at the end, followed by stretching again.  I always start out with a 2 minute walk then I did:

Program 1 - 1/4 mile jog,   1/4 mile walk,   1/4 mile jog,   1/4 mile walk
Program 2 - 1/4 mile jog,   1/4 mile walk ,  1/2 mile jog,   1/4 mile walk
Program 3 - 1/2 mile jog,   1/4 mile walk,   1/2 mile jog,   1/4 mile walk

So the jogging gets increased in increments like that and I made Program 3 this last week for the entire week.  So I got a mile in with some walking mixed in and am slowly working my way up to 1 mile jog,   1/4 mile walk,   1 mile jog,  1/4 mile walk.  The cloud of dust is my 4.6 MPH (7.4 KM/H) - SPEEDY!!!!  I actually made it up to about 5MPH for about a minute.  Now, I’m 6′2″ also, just for reference, so I can have a long stride, but I do keep it short as I’m trying not to really push off on the front of that foot. Five MPH felt like I was FLYING though.

And now ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for - the Shred of Daylight!!!  My single heel raise.  I’ve been trying and trying and my trainer told me to really start working on this, so I’ve been at it.  He demonstrated and said for me to do it, I looked at him and told him that I’ve been working on it, but it’s evaded me so far and that was last week.  He said to try it anyway and said he could see it come up a bit.  It felt like you might be able to slide a playing card under my shoe, at most.  So I went a week of working on it and today, it felt about the same, like it barely comes up.  Seeing as how I can’t really see back there I took some video and YouTube’d it.

Holy MOLY!!!! I was surprised when I saw how high it came up. It really felt like nothing and I really had to strain to get it up, but when I saw it I couldn’t believe that I could probably shove a whole deck of playing cards under there, especially at that last push. My calf has a ways to go to catch up to the right one, but I’m getting there.

My next appt with the doctor is on the 7th (4 days from now). I don’t see him giving me the green light for any Plyometrics or fast running and I’ll probably remain on the program I’m on, but each day I feel like I get closer to the top of the mountain.