How time flies

Man oh man - so I got the official go ahead to walk no boot/crutches about 2 weeks ago and walk I have, probably too much at times. It seems that once I could walk, even if it’s gimpy and slow, I had to do a LOT more. Not exercise so much but just family / friend related stuff. Go shopping, take the kids here, there, go out to dinner and events with friends etc etc. I’m still at a snails pace while walking but Physical Therapy has me headed in the right direction.

Going back - We did take a trip to the lake just before I got the go ahead to ditch the crutches. I was a little nervous on the boat in two shoes and crutches and thought it’d be easier with the boot - so I took a pic so show everyone.


So I wore the boot on the boat but at the beach, two shoes.


Then, I decided to try swimming.  So with the help of my wife, I made it across the sand (barefoot) and to the water.  She helped me get in to about my knee and I went from there.  I gotta tell ya though, those little pebbles at the bottom of the lake felt like sharp glass.  It was so painful.  My foot is so tender to anything.  I found out that grass was a little painful even, the bottom of my foot is just SO sensitive. I didn’t think swimming would hurt, but it did. Kicking hurt the top of my foot, stretching everything that hasn’t been used in a long time. I’m looking forward to trying it again though.

The hard parts where the drive and spending the day on the water with the kids.  There wasn’t a whole lot of elevating or ice for that matter.  It was fun and good to be out though.

After vacation was the dr appt where I got the go ahead to walk.  I walked 1.03 miles my first day, which my PT yelled at me for, but I had to do it.  It wasn’t easy and I really concentrated on getting my gait just right.  So after my walk, here’s what I did.

Other than that PT gave me a ton of new stuff to work on, including heel raises. I can do both feet but most of it is on my good leg for sure. I tried with my ATR leg but no go. I think I might have gotten the heel about a millimeter off the ground but maybe that was just my positive thinking.

Hope everyone is well.

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  1. kellygirl on August 31st, 2013

    Great update, Craig! To borrow an expression from my kids–1.03 miles? You are “cray cray!” I’m thinking it took me a couple of weeks to build up to a mile! Your vacation sounded like a lot of fun. (I like the boot/boat picture.)

    You are making good progress from the sounds of it. I can relate to the tender foot–I feel like the princess and the pea some days. It has gotten a lot better but it’s still not as tough as the other foot. Good luck with PT. I have no doubt that you will be get a single heel lift soon!

  2. micah1 on August 31st, 2013

    Your holiday sounds fab!Its weird how the top of your foot is so sensitive when swimming, mine was too,infact still is.
    Don’t worry about the heel lift, it will come in time, just keep working on the other exercises. I can say that confidently now I am a pro. Lol!

  3. craiger9er on August 31st, 2013

    Yeah, my PT called me a “dodo bird” and said that most people just walk to the end of the driveway and back…oops.

    I didn’t realize I posted a vacation update while on vacation - this ATR really plays tricks with my mind I think. Micah, if you got an “Pro’s Pointers” I’m all ears! Awesome job on yours.

  4. normofthenorth on August 31st, 2013

    I never noticed the TOP of my foot being tender, but “the princess and the pea” is PERFECT for the bottoms of my feet, after both ATRs! Stepping on a flat phone cord barefoot felt
    like bed-of-nails torture!

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