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7/18 - 8 weeks 2 days post op - two shoes?

So last time my good doc told me “put some weight on it”, (in the boot) but never really said to go full bore, but also didn’t say I couldn’t. After about a week with crutches PWB, I ordered the Evenup Shoe Balancer. Man I wish I woulda ordered that thing right away. It made it so much easier with crutches, I recommend it. I was in between on sizes and went down a size, based on their recommendation. Good choice, kept it nice and tight.

After a round or two of PT, my therapist said that I should FWB and that while it’s in the boot, I really can’t do any more damage. So I started walking on it, using the heel of course. So walk I did - around the house, up some stairs down to the end of the block and then - around the block twice. The hardest thing was not locking my leg to step. I watched RyanB’s video and just forced myself to push that knee/shin forward. I just had to learn to “trust the boot” and once I did, I started getting faster. I could now carry things in each hand!!! Oh the little joys.

So today I went back to the doctor and he asked how I’m doing and I told him well with little pain. He asked how much weight bearing I’ve done and my response was “all of it.” He said “good” and then said something scary - start using only two shoes! What, no way - not with that little thin popsicle stick down there. He said go slow, 2 crutches and make sure I’m pushing a little bit forward with it, not just short stepping on the heel. WOW! Seriously? So what did I do - I put my boot back on and walked out of the doctor’s office. I really had no way of carrying it out, but when I got home I decided to give it a go. Very slowly I walked around the house, two-crutching everywhere. Very little pressure moving forward and already I can feel it in my calf. He said at 3 months we’re gonna start pushing it a bit more, but for now, that’s where I’m at.

So I got the green light to soak it, swim and wean off crutches. Now I got big plans. I’m gonna soak myself in a bath, maybe find a hot tub. What I’m really looking forward to is getting a cooler full of ice and dunking my entire foot in there, up to my calf. First things first, I’m going fishing.