How long til I can ride my scooter?

Could anyone recommend how long it should be before I can ride a motorbike (Scooter)?


It’s automatic so I don’t need to use my bad leg.


It’s 2 weeks on monday since my op. and I’ve been told I can’t drive a car for approx. 8 weeks, so I’m hoping I can get around on my scooter.

2 Responses to “How long til I can ride my scooter?”

  1. I would guess as soon as you’re FWB walking….

  2. i’ve got to say I wouldn’t go near the scooter until you walk again.

    just read your blog - we’re the same age and did our injuries the same way (footy). I also gave up.

    i didn’t do anything in the way of exercise until I could walk again - and even then I just walked. I was running again after about 4 months and now at 6 am back pretty to much where I was fitness-wise. so not so bad really.

    I’d just take it easy these next 8 weeks and let yourself heal. the last thing you want is for it go again (can happen..)

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