Posted by: craig | April 16, 2012

“Leap Year”

Today marks the 4 year anniversary for the surgery to repair my achilles tendon.  I guess that makes it my leap year!!!


A couple of recent comments to some old posts made me realize how long it has been, otherwise April 16th would have been just like any other day.  I’m glad to say that my repaired achilles is still fully functional, and allows me to enjoy a fairly active lifetstyle.  I’ve continued to play basketball, go for morning jogs with the dog, and coach my children in their many sports activities.  There are some occassional thoughts/fears of a rupture, but they tend to focus on my “good” achilles.  I truly believe my repaired achilles is stronger than my other one.


I’ve been off the blog for a while, but do think about it from time-to-time.  It’s great to see that Dennis has kept the sight going.  I’ve spent many hours writing and reading on this site.  Thanks again, Dennis for providing a wonderful outlet to this family of ATR victims!


Craig - Thanks for checking back in with us newbies to this whole process! It’s not all too often that someone would keep blogging, after that much time away from the surgery, so thank you!

Good to hear that all is well, and it’s something for the rest of us to look forward to in our futures!

Ya, thanks Craig. My second ATR is “only” 2-ish years old now, 8 years newer than my first one. Like you, I felt that my first healed AT was stronger than before, but I worried about the other one — with good reason, as it turned out! But now that it has healed (non-surgically, this time), I have that same feeling that it’s “better than new” at least from a risk-of-rupture POV. (My calf strength is actually NOT “better than new” this time, though the deficit hasn’t affected any of my sports, including competitive beach and court volleyball, quite aggressive downhill skiing, and lots of bicycling.)

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