Posted by: craig | September 2, 2008

4 1/2 month Post Op Dr visit

Had the best kind of doctor visit this morning: quick and to the point.  I was cleared to begin light jogging.  Hooray!  4-5 minutes every 3rd day, gradually building up to longer runs as my strength builds and I feel more comfortable.  My doctor was happy with the progress in my calf strength, and said that if all continues to progress that my next appointment, scheduled for 5 weeks, will be my last.  He expects to clear me for full impact at that time including cutting and jumping.  I’m fairly certain I’ll visit my regular basketball game at that point, but haven’t quite decided when or if I’ll play again.

Not much else new to report since my last post.  Other than some initial tightness in the morning, my tendon feels pretty good.  Once I’ve stretched, I feel like I’m walking without a limp.  My stride feels the same on both legs, and I’m comfortably wearing dress shoes again.  Funny, though, I was thinking this morning that I rather enjoyed being able to wear shorts and running shoes to the office everyday.  The grass is always greener.

Best of luck to everyone.



Congrats on the milestone. Be prepared for some different kinds of aches and pains once you start jogging. Make sure you stretch and heat after the run if there is no swelling. Also schedule a massage or three to help with the soreness.
Have fun, go slow and enjoy your new freedom.

Doc Ross

Craig - thanks for your comments. Glad to hear from you. How are you doing? I guess you are nearing the 7 month mark. Are you planning on playing basketball again? Keep us posted!

Hey Dennis,

Yeah, a little over 7 months now. Continual progress, and feeling stronger all the time. I wanted to post at 6 months and didn’t and then again at 7 months and didn’t. I’ll try to get one up soon.


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