Posted by: craig | July 26, 2008

Post Op 100 days

This past week marked 100 days from my surgery.  It’s amazing how much my life is different today.  Not only from 6 months ago, but from 1 & 2 months ago as well.  I try to keep up with the site daily, but I haven’t been able to nearly as much as the first 2-3 months after surgery.  Shoot, I had intended on posting this entry on the 100th day after surgery.  Unfortunately, it is now day 102.

I’ve been really busy at work lately, but I think the real reason I haven’t been as active on the site is that I’m no longer thinking of my injury every 5-10 minutes of every day, rather it’s more like once or twice an hour of every day.  Part of me feels bad that I haven’t put the time into reading everyone’s blogs, especially some of the newer people, but part of me is glad that I’m getting to the point where my life isn’t completely obsessed with the achilles tendon.  Eww, does that sound as bad as I think it does?

I feel like I’m gradually getting back to my old lifestyle.  I’ve been driving for about a month now, and feel completely safe and comfortable behind the wheel.  While my pace isn’t nearly the same as it used to be, I’m back to making my regular weekend walk to the coffe shop and back.  I’m not able to do a single leg calf raise yet, but I feel the strength slowly coming back.  Hopefully, the calf raise can happen within the next month or two.  I’m even getting some wind back as I’m able to ride the stationary bike at a good pace for 30 minutes or more.

Though the recovery milestones aren’t nearly as exciting as they were for the first few months, they are still coming.  This was a particularly good week:

  • I started walking around the house barefoot with only a minimal limp last weekend.  Up until then I had to either put my shoes on, limp badly with no shoes, or use the crutches.  I spent a lot of time last weekend just moving my ankle, lots of circles one direction and then the other.  This seemed to greatly loosen up my joint, which in-turn has helped my dorsiflexion.
  • My shirt arrived on Tuesday.  Woohoo!
  • On Wednesday, I took my kids to an all-star football game for last year’s high-school seniors.  My neighbor was coaching and scored me free tickets.  The big deal here was that I had to walk a good distance in the parking lot, and up and down many stairs into and out of San Jose State’s stadium.  No problem here what-so-ever.
  • I removed 2/3 of the heel lift from my shoe on Thursday.  At first it felt a little odd, but I’m pretty comfortable now.  I’ll, likely remove the lift completely this week.

Our family vacation to Hawaii is a little over 2 weeks away.  I’m feeling very confident that I’ll be ready to hike the lava flows when we get there, something the kids have been looking forward to all summer.  I’ll have to wear my t-shirt on the hike and post a picture afterwards. 8-)

In the meantime, best of luck to everybody.  Keep healing and chugging forward in the marathon of recovery.


Great progress Craig. Sounds like life is somewhat normal. I hope your vacation to Hawaii is wonderful - it is a beautiful state, and I am sure it will be a great distraction from this injury.


sounds like your progressing steadily and on track. ditto on the achillesblog site, I have been checking but it appears that the newbies are taking care of themselves, being supportive and constantly checking on eachother. I plan on doing a monthly post update and input on questions that my background can help out with, other than that sit back, and look forward.

Doc Ross

No doubt that I’m on this site all the time, AND thinking about my injury every 5-10 mins. I’m glad it just will get to every hour or so in the future. Thanks oldies for all your posts. We appreciate them.

Congrats to you on your progress! Have a great time in Hawaii, and don’t do anything crazy. :) Great job!

Craig-Hey there! Glad things are going well with you. Drop off on Monday went great. Kids rode the bus but I followed the bus and went in with my son…had to take his picture and videotape…got to get that “Good Parent Stamp” on my passport! He is still so excited. When he comes home he is so hyper..he thinks he’s grown up now. I’m liking the cheap after school price. Last year paying for private pre-k…yikes! That’s cool we’ve got monkeys the same age. We also have to get going again to church…my daughter hasn’t had her 2nd communion yet! No more paying for daycare! YIPPEE! I’m excited for you guys too! yeah! Take care!

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