Posted by: craig | July 11, 2008

Post Op 12wks + 1 day - Back at it

I went back to PT for the first time in 2 weeks yesterday.  The pain I was having has pretty much subsided now, so I was anxious to get back to strength training and working on my joint stiffness.

Had a good, though uneventful, session at PT.  Rode ~4 miles on the bike, did some leg presses, some toe raises on the leg press machine, worked the orthotron, and a few other miscellaneous stretches.  I’ve felt like my ROM has improved a bit over the past two weeks, and my therapist noted the same.  After some joint work, I was able to get my dorsiflexion slightly past neutral.  I even did some barefoot walking (hadn’t really tried that yet).  This weekend, I’m going to start daily walks.  I’m hoping to increase the distance in ~1/4 mile increments with the goal of hitting 3-5 miles ahead of the family Hawaii trip in mid August.

I certainly feel like I’ve hit the slow point of the recovery process.  Progress is tracked in weeks and months instead of days.  Another reason why the marathon analogy is so appropriate when describing the recovery process.  At the same time, I can walk with only a slight limp, so life is getting closer to “normal” again.

Much luck to all in your healing.


Craig - congrats on theh 3 months. With your walking regimen, you should be fine for your trip next month. We honeymooned on Kauai…would love to be going with you!

I think your Hawaii trip will be great for you. Sounds like you are making steady (notice I didn’t say SLOW) :) progress. That’s great! Hope the bike was fun fun fun! Hang in there!

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