Posted by: craig | June 12, 2008

Post Op 8 weeks + 1 day - Glad I made that quick trip home…

I had PT scheduled for 3:30 this afternoon.  It turns out that the PT center is about a mile from my house.  I was running a bit early, so I asked my friend driving me if he could swing by my house real quick.  When I got home, I dropped off some work stuff and hobbled into my room to grab my right shoe.  I remember reading somebody’s blog 6-8 weeks ago when they said, “my doctor said if I had brought my shoe, I could have walked out in it.”  I was determined to be prepared even if I wasn’t ready to go into 2 shoes.

Well, as soon as my physical therapist saw me walk in, he said that gauging my walk it was time to try a shoe.  So, yes, sure enough, I’m now out of the boot and into two shoes!  (I have to say, as much as I hated being in a cast and enjoyed being able to take my boot off, I think I actually was less comfortable in that darn boot than I was in the cast.  Good riddance!)

Just as I was when I first went to FWB, I’m a bit nervous/tentative while walking in 2 shoes.  At the same time, I’m excited to take another step (literally and figuratively) in my recovery towards “normal” life.  Unfortunately, I’m still 1-2 weeks away from being able to drive.  I don’t have the strength for breaking hard, and drive in just enough traffic that I figure it isn’t worth taking the chance.

I went through a pretty good workout today at PT including leg presses (work on my weakend quad), toe presses, 1 minute timed stands on my bad leg while balancing on the nearby table as necessary, and a series of other exercises.  Needless to say, the ice and “stim” at the end of my session felt great.  I think me and my achilles will rest well tonight.


Congratulations and welcome back to the world of 2 shoes. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you’ll make over the next few weeks, and the “naked foot anxiety” passes quickly.


I took 2 shoes to my 6 week appt. All I got was a boot for 5 weeks.

I’m a little behind you craig, just 6 weeks, so I am following your continued progress with interest.

I can only hope my recovery goes as well.

Congrats on the 2 shoes!

Way to go 2 shoe boy! Must feel nice! :) Other disadvantage is now you gotta find those matching pairs of socks! :)

Ha! Funny you should say that, as the first two or three days I was unable to find matches.

I’m looking forward to reading your 2-shoes post, Kristin. Take care of that wound and I’m sure it will be soon.


2 shoes is a sweet day! Takes a couple of days before you start to feel like it’s your foot again… but it’s amazing how fast you get your confidence back. Great news! And I hated that damn boot more than any cast…

Hey! That was me, surprised that I could get into shoes so quickly!

I am still wearing exactly the same Reebok sportshoes now for weeks, and actually starting to like them - at first, I hated the clunkiness of them; haven’t worn sport shoes in years, but now they are the only ones that feels secure, flat on the ground. One heel lift is still inside; doctor said to leave it until Week 12, so two more weeks.

Good blog you’ve got!

We could have a true horror show of reruptures and near-rerupture sounds and feelings!


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