Posted by: craig | June 3, 2008

Post Op 6 weeks + 5 days - First PT and trying to walk

I had my first PT appointment yesterday, pretty uneventful.  Most of the time was spent taking measurements and reviewing what my experience has been so far.  It’s pretty clear that my ROM is going to be the biggest challenge for the near-term.  I’m only able to get to -15 degrees dorsiflexion.  I was hoping to be to neutral by now, but it just isn’t happening.  The odd thing is that it seems that it’s the front of my shin which is preventing me from bending further.  I get a reasonalbly sharp pain in my shin when I’m doing exercises to bend my foot up.  My therapist said we’re going to push harder starting at my next appointment on Wednesday.  When people have asked me about the therapy, I’ve replied that I’m more than happy to go through an hour of being pushed hard if it helps get me to the finish line.

I was hoping to be able to ditch the crutches this week, but I’m thinking that won’t happen at this point due to my lack of ROM.  A bummer for sure, but I know my ROM will increase quickly as I continue to do my exercises.

My new goal is to get to 0 degrees dorsiflexion by the end of the week, so I can move towards FWB and walking without crutches.  Not sure how realistic this is, but I figure I need something to shoot for.  And I know it will be here before I know it, whether it is this week or next or the week after that.

On a completely different note, I realized this morning that I’m now looking at time frames in a matter of weeks as opposed to days.  I can’t believe that I’ll be 7 weeks post op tomorrow.  They say time flies when you’re having fun.  Well, I wouldn’t say I’ve necessarilly been having fun, but I’m amazed that it’s been over 50 days since my injury and nearly 50 since my surgery.


Looks like I am just a couple of days behind you. I went to the boot from the cast yesterday. My doc told me to stay off of my foot until my first therapy session Thursday, then 3x’s a week until July 7th and he told me to bring 2 shoes. Yeah! Thanks for your posts because when I took a shower yesterday I was treating my foot very gingerly but I am starting to get a little more comfortable with it already. I read that you went through the same thing. I think it is going to be a mental challenge to put weight on my bad foot but it has to happen sometime. This boot sure does uplift your mood though. Looking forward to walking soon! How many times a day are you supposed to ice your achilles when you start bearing weight on it? Do you use heat on it as well? Thanks- Matt

Matt, my routine during the week has been wake up and perform exercises (dorsiflexion and alphabet) followed by 20 minutes of icing. Since I’m at work after that, I don’t do any icing during the day, but do try to get 1-2 sessions of alphabet in. At night, I repeat the morning session. I do the same on the weekend, but also try to get in 1-2 more icing sessions.

Long way of saying two times icing during the week, and 2-4 times during the weekend.

I had the same question on the heat (was thinking about that this morning). Anybody have any feedback here?

craig -
My PT used to apply heat early on, but that changed to warming up on a stationary bike. Keep up with the ROM, and you should be FWB soon. (It looks like you’ll be able to ditch the crutches soon.)

Carig-Hey there…so my spam word is PERSISTENT. As you saw above, I think (as you do too) that your ROM is gonna get really good with each day. I’m sure of that. Hope you soon get to the nice massages and things in PT that others tell us about! :)

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