Posted by: craig | June 1, 2008

Post Op 6 weeks + 4 days - a new type of adjusting

I’m now in my 3rd full day in the walking boot, and I’m slowly adjusting to this new freedom.  I’ve become less timid when doing things like putting on a sock, washing the seemingly endless amount of dead skin off my foot, and just touching around my ankle and foot.

I still have some numbness on the top of my foot.  I believe this is due to pressure from the cast I had.  There is a fair amount of bruising on the top of my foot and running up through my ankle.  It seems to be getting better, though.  I’ve been taking advantage of any opportunity to have my foot out of the boot.  Lots of icing in the bruised area and just letting it breathe, though I don’t think anybody will claim it has the bouquet of a fine wine.

I made it through 6 hours of poker last night.  It was a tournament put on as a fund-raiser for my kids’ school.  (I finished 4th out of ~25 when my AQ didn’t hold up against KJ, rats!)  No real pain, though I was starting to get uncomfortable towards the end of the night.  It was late when I got home, so I didn’t ice until this morning.  Definitely some more swelling visible today.

Lastly, I am scheduled for my first PT appointment tomorrow.  I have been doing some PWB for the past day and a half.  I plan on adjusting my boot the final 7.5 degrees today to get to 90 degrees, and will continue the PWB.  My goal is FWB by next weekend so I can watch the final little league playoff games sans crutches.  Keeping my fingers crossed!


Craig, Sounds great. It’s amazing getting your foot out of the cast. I poked and prodded and watched my ankle like it was TV for the first few days out of cast. I too get that “uncomfortable” feeling sometime after standing or sitting for a while. I can’t even put my finger on it, I just have to move or something. Sometimes I think the latter stages of recovery can be more frustrating because they are more subtle. It’s not “Wow, I can wash my foot now for the first time!”, but “I think I can move my foot 2mm more today than yesterday.” I’m at week 13 today, June 2nd, and now the progress is more like being on a diet than anything, You don’t lose 20 pounds the first 3 days, but maybe over a few months. But, you still weigh yourself every day, and may find you even gained weight a few times! That’s the best analogy for me. Good luck on the FWB by next weekend!!

good job I am 27 days post surgery and have had the boot since day 17, not using any crutches, ditched them quick.
I just posted on when I can start rehabbing my foot.

Jim - I think the diet analogy is a great one. That is exactly how I’ve felt for the last couple of months. There are days I get up and feel great, calf and tendon are strong and my limp is basically undetectable. Then, the next day I get up and I feel like I’ve regressed by several weeks. Just like a diet, I’m now trying to make little adjustment to my workouts to see if that helps.

Craig - To your question from a couple days ago, I’m not aware of any videos or manuals for PWB. My recommendation is to try and walk as normal as possible, heel-toe, heel-toe. Obviously, easier said than done. Start out with two crutches for assistances and then wean down to one crutch for a few days. Then just take some slow, short steps without the crutch. It may be helpful to do this along a table or desk where you have something to grab on if you don’t feel comfortable. Once you’re FWB, again try to walk as normal as possible and take your time. Good luck with the playoffs!

Good for you Craig! Keep us posted on your FWB adventures!

Craig-How’d your PT appt go? Let us know what they did. Hope you are having a good day! I go to new, in-network (i.e. cheaper) plastic surgeon today, so hopefully he’ll have some new tricks in his bag. Don’t work too hard!

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