Posted by: craig | May 29, 2008

Post Op 6 weeks + 1 day - ahhhhhhhhhhh

Went to the doctor today for my fifth post-op visit.  All-in-all it was a relatively quick visit, but certainly a good one.

I had my third, and final cast removed.  The doctor told me that the stick thingy attached to the end of my knee was my calf and foot.  I’m not sure I believe him yet, but it seemed to follow me in the car ride home, so perhaps he is right.  Anyway, after a thorough alchohol swabbing and an amazing amount of dead skin was removed, my doctor came in and looked at my ankle and said it was healing well.  Next, he gave me the run-down for the next 4 weeks: boot today PWB leading to FWB as soon as I’m comfortable, start PT next week @ two times / week for the next 4 weeks, come see him in 4 weeks and if all is “normal” I’ll be in two shoes the next time he sees me.  Wow!  I was shocked.  I hadn’t expected to move to 2 shoes for another 6 weeks, but he said that the PT would lead the way and as soon as I got my dorsiflexion back to neutral then I could transition to two shoes with a 1/4″ lift in my heel.  Well, as happy as this made me, I don’t think it was anywhere near as happy as my wife was.  I may actually be driving again by the end of June.  We then joked about a few things (I really like my doctor, what a great find he was!)

After my doctor left, it was time to get into the boot.  The bad news was that I couldn’t get to 90 degrees in the boot, so I had to go into an adjustable one.  I’m at 22.5 degrees shy of 90 degrees.  I need to get to 90 degrees before I can start PWB (in 7.5 degree increments).  I’ve set a personal goal of hitting 90 degrees by Saturday.  I’m signed up for a poker tournament Saturday night, and would really like to be PWB by that point.  I can graduate to FWB as it feels comfortable which my doctor said will be between 4-10 days on average.

All-in-all, I feel like this milestone is a point where my body can move beyond just healing and start rehabilitating along with the healing.

I look forward to relaxing tonight and letting my leg air out some and a cast-free shower in the morning!


Great news — I am about 2 weeks behind you, and I can’t wait to get the cast off and the boot on. Good luck with the 90 degree goal. Just try a little every day and you will be there before you know it.

Since you are not driving yet, I assume the right leg? Not driving has been a major source of frustration!

Yep, right leg it is. Not driving has definitely been the most difficult part of this whole ordeal, which made yesteday’s news that I may be able to drive sooner all the better.

So happy that cast is off! Yeah, showers like an almost normal person! Have fun at your Go Fish tournament. Don’t lose your shirt and spend all the kids inheritance. I’m really happy that you only have maybe 1 mth.

I have to say that it saddens me too…’cuz I’m supposed to be on your schedule. I’ll probably be on schedule with those folks who rupture their tendon today. :) All with be ok one day. OK, guess enough whining..chin up as eriedutchgirl says. Have a good night!

Hi Kristin,

I completely understand your sadness. It can be hard to see people on the same schedule or later than you who are at stages you hope to be at. I can assure you that none of that matters, though, as you make your own progression. On the bright side of this, your achilles should be well healed by the time you start pushing the rehab process.

Craig -

Congrats on getting the cast off. :) It must have felt great washing the foot and getting all that dead skin off.

Glad to hear that you are progressing nicely! I know what you mean about calf muscle atrophying, but surprisingly it regains its form. (slowly though.)

Having a doctor that you like makes a world of difference.

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