Posted by: craig | May 19, 2008

Post Op 4 weeks + 5 days - Post op visit #4

Fourth post-op visit today.  When I met with my doctor prior to surgery, he ran through the recovery process that he would use, 6 weeks post op in a cast (all NWB), then start PT and 6 weeks in a boot while transitioning from PWB to FWB, then transition to shoes with a support in the heel.    This meant the plan was to replace my cast today with another cast for the next 10 days.

The last few days here have been very hot (think we maxed out at 99 on Saturday).  This is definitely not cast wearing weather, so I decided to see if I could get my doctor to allow me to go to the boot today.  Besides the discomfort of the cast, I also was worried about swelling in my foot each of the two previous times I’ve been put in a new cast.  Well, unfortunately, it wasn’t happening.  My doctor said that he wanted to keep me in a cast for the protection.  Specifically, he didn’t think a boot provides sufficient protection if I were to fall.  Bummer.

Back to the visit…  wow, it is amazing how much size I’ve lost in my calf.  My doctor was even teasing me about how bad my leg looks.  After the cast was removed, I cleaned the dead skin off my leg.  There were a couple of areas that felt odd when I touched them.  Kind of tingly, kind of “new”, like hey what is this area here.  While I’m looking forward to PWB and PT, I know it is going to be a lot of work.  I even was thinking about how I feel much more secure and safe while I’m in my cast than when my leg is exposed.

My wife took me back to my office after my appointment.  I worked for about 2 hours but realized I needed to go home.  Yeah, the cast was bugging me a little, but I was also a bit hung-over from yesterday.  Uggg, hot weather, cast, and a hang-over don’t go well together.  Note to self, don’t make that mistake again.  I came home and napped.  I still have a hard time getting very comfortable when I sleep, but it’s getting better, and I know that I’m one day closer to ditching the cast for good.


Hey Craig. I like reading your posts to see where I need to be. Hope you can stay indoors a lot. 10 days will fly by! Wasn’t it fun cleaning your leg? It’s so hard to clean the bad leg while balancing on the good leg. I couldn’t get over how yuck the skin was…I was like…wait..I don’t see any dry skin…then what is all this s$(% coming off my leg and foot for. May you be so tired that you’ll sleep well tonight. Later, Kristin

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