Posted by: craig | May 9, 2008

Post Op 3 weeks + 2 days - ATR “fringe benefit”

Yes, there are some benefits of going through the ATR process!

Prior to my ATR, I was very active with our local Little League baseball program.  I serve on the board of directors, helping set up and run various activities within the league.  Additionally, I was coaching my 7 year old son’s team.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to give most of it up over the past month as I haven’t been mobile enough to do the things I was doing previously.

Tonight was the night of our annual little league night at Santa Clara University baseball game.  Every year, many kids from the league come out to watch present college, and possible future pro players.  They all wear their jerseys, and get to stand on the field for the national anthem before the game, and, for those able to last the entire game, run the bases on the field afterwards.  Additionally, two kids get to act as bat boys for the SCU team, and one kids gets to throw the ceremonial first pitch.  My 7 year old was picked to throw the first pitch tonight (I’m sure my injury had a lot to do with his selection).  What a great experience!  He got to go down on the field and play catch with the catcher before the game, and talk to a bunch of the baseball players too.  Then, the PA announcer gave him a great introduction.  He ran out to the mound and threw a perfect strike!  All of the other little league kids in attendance were yelling his name and cheering him on.  Afterwards, the entire SCU team lined up to give him 5, and let him take the ball home as a souvenir.  I’ve never seen my shy 7 year old’s face glow so much.

It’s moments like these that make me cherish being a parent.  Certainly an experience that I, and hopefully he, will never forget.  All made possible, at least somewhat, by my ATR.


Very Cool.
We need to enjoy each and every perk that ATR brings our way.

That is great! I’m sure your son will always remember that moment. And, great to hear that you were able to get out and enjoy it with him.

Craig -

That IS a heart-warming story. Thanks for sharing the story with us. I am sure that your son will always remember that night.

Craig-that is a night to remember..I guess the fringe benefits may pull us all through this experience..

That sounds really cool.

Things like that last a lifetime. Thanks for a positive ATR story.
Doc Ross

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