Posted by: craig | May 4, 2008

Post Op 2 weeks + 4 days - first “social function”

I made it through my son’s first communion today.  We had been assigned to sit in the front row as my son was reading the intentions during mass.  This worked out well, as I was able to sit with my leg elevated through the whole service.  The running joke with all of the other parishioners was that the attention was supposed to be on my son today, not me.  We had a small get together of family and close friends afterwards, and I was able to sit and talk with everyone.

I feel like I’ve really started to turn a corner over the past 2 days with respect to the swelling in my foot.  Previously, I had only been able to stand for a minute or two before needing to elevate my foot to reduce the immediate swelling.  I’m now closer to 15 minutes, and it doesn’t seem that I need to take nearly as long with my foot elevated to reduce the swelling.  I am planning on staying home, again, most of this week, but would really like to be back in the office nearly full-time starting 5/12.  I spend most of my time at a desk, so I really hope this goal can be achieved.

Tomorrow, I’m scheduled for my third post op appointment.  Hopefully, my wound has healed well enough that they are able to remove the stitches this time.  I will also be re-cast tomorrow, meaning I’m down to 5 more weeks in a cast if we continue to follow the original schedule outlined by my doctor.  This will be followed by 6 weeks in a boot, meaning that we’re planning on going to 2 shoes around July 21.  The family has a vacation planned to Hawaii on August 12, so I’m hoping we will be able to stick to the schedule, and I will be able to get around well enough by the time we start our vacation.


Glad communion went well. It’s so sweet to see all those kids dressed up!!!! Good luck with your appt tomorrow! I’m sure by August you’ll be good as new!

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