Posted by: craig | May 1, 2008

Post Op 2 weeks + 1 day - adjusting to my “new life”

Three days into the hard cast, and I’m starting to feel used to it.  I still need to spend the majority of the day elevated.  If I crutch around or sit with my legs hanging down for more than 5-10 minutes, I need to elevate above my heart to reduce the immediate swelling.  Otherwise, keeping my leg at about the same elevation as my waist seems fine.  I’m hoping to be able to sit or stand for periods of an hour or more within the next week.  Fortunately, my job allows me to work at home, so I’m minimizing office visits to a couple hours a week (dependant upon being able to line up a ride there and back).

I feel like I’m finally getting over the initial depression of the ATR.  At times during the first 2 weeks, it seemed like this was a never ending climb.  As much as I enjoyed reading entries in the blog site for the experience people had during the intial stages of the injury, frankly, I found it difficult to read about the longer-term successes.  Those milestones seemed so far off for me.  Call it the “woe-is-me” syndrome.  I still realize that I have a long way to go, but I’m finally feeling comfortable that this will all pass, and that I too will experience the joy that others are writing about.

I’ve mentioned previously how grateful I am for finding the site.  Many, many thanks to Dennis for all his hard work and dedication for providing a forum to keep us all (reasonably) sane and informed during the recovery process!  Also, thanks to everybody for contributing their experience and advice.  It has made my “new life” not only easier but fun as well.



As you are finding it does get easier day to day and week to week. This injury is very frustrating but at the same time you get to view life differently, enjoy things you may not have done, and actually slow down a little. I guess I’m just trying to look at the positives rather than all the negatives associated with this.

Good luck and keep us informed.

Doc Ross

Judging by how my recovery has gone and reading the blogs, you’re probably less than a week from being able to stand for a while without the swelling. I remember that being one of my least favorite (most despised?) symptoms. A simple trip to the bathroom and it would feel like my splint had shrunk 2 sizes for an hour…UGH. But that part is probably just about behind you. Good luck on your journey.

craig -

I am very glad to hear that AchillesBlog has been helpful. The first 2-weeks was the hardest for me too. It gets better and better as days go by, so stick with it and you’ll be FWB in no time. :)

I was watching a few minutes of recorded Clippers game. Saw Elton Brand playing, and that gave me even more hope of full recovery.

Please let us know if there is anything that we can do to improve the site for everyone.

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