Posted by: craig | April 28, 2008

Post Op Day 12 - The cast

I went in for my second post op visit today.  The schedule was to remove the splint, remove the stitches, and put on a hard cast.  We achieved 2 out of 3…  My doctor was concerned that my stiches were “oozing” a bit.  I was really worried that I would have to go back into the splint.  I’ve been counting down the hours (literally) to getting the hard cast for the past 4 days.  Fortunately, my doctor said that the swelling had gone down enough that he wanted to put me in a cast even thought we were leaving the stitches in.  This was a little victory for me.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  Now, I’m scheduled to get the stitches out next Monday (5/5) and re-cast.  I kind of like it this way because it gives me a short-term date to focus on, “Only 6 more days until my next appt!”

Odd thing.  I ended up being out of the splint for a good 45 minutes before the hard cast was put on.  While I really enjoyed the air on my bare leg when the splint was removed, I got nervous after about 10 minutes.  Was somebody going to walk by and bump my exposed leg?  Would I accidentally do something to re-injure it?  It makes me wonder what it will be like when I’m able to transition from the cast.

Another interesting point from today.  My wife had taken pictures from my first post op visit, and it appeared that the incision was not directly centered on my ankle, but slightly on the inside.  The cast technician (I really need to learn the proper titles) said that there is an important nerve that runs on the outside of your ankle, so they make an effort of avoiding it during the procedure.  Anybody else ever heard of this?

 I sure hope the cast helps me sleep better tonight…


Craig -

Glad that you’ve transitioned to the hard cast now.
I think you are referring to the sural nerve. My scars runs slightly on the inside as well.

I’ve found that sleeping on my side with a pillow between the legs was best for me.
This way, I didn’t put direct pressure on the incision wound.

Keep us posted. :)

Craig and Dennis..

you are correct on the sural nerve…your honorary medical degree is in the mail…LOL
most incisions are off center for that specific reason. look at other blogs for pictures..

let us know if you have other questions.

Dennis perhaps a picture only blog with timeframes would be beneficial..

just a thought..

Doc Ross

Hey Craig! We had surgery about the same time. Trust’ll soon start to sleep…it took me about 3 weeks in my splint to finally start sleeping. In addition to the pillows I think it helps leaving the bad leg uncovered. Also, at my staple removal party my incision was really moist. I swore to the dr. that I haven’t gotten wet…I really haven’t…it’s just hot from being all wrapped ALL the time. So, after he removed stitches he put splint back on and I am to let the area air out for about 30 minutes a day…I see him in another week…so, we’ll see if I can ever get something lighter than this damn splint. :) Sleep will come…hang in there!

Kristin, sounds like we are walking (or should I say crutching) a similar path. My doctor asked me about getting my splint wet as well. He realized, however, that the inside of the splint wasn’t wet, just that the wound wasn’t healing as quickly as he expected.

For the sake of safety, my doctor prescribed me with an antibotic to protect against infection. This makes me a little nervous as I’ve heard that antibiotics may lead to tendon ruptures, and my biggest fear right now is to rupture my other tendon during this process.

Yeah…my dr. told the PA to get me an air tight shower bag…again, not a drop of water has been on my splint…just gets hot in there! :) I’m not sure if the airing out process for 30 minutes a day will do anything…because my leg is trapped and suffocating the other 23 hrs a day. I guess we’ll see what dr wants to do in 1 week. I can say that it feels great to take the splint off for a little while each day. I asked my dr if i needed to take oral antibiotics or something and they said no. But, I’m not sure how the incision will heal when there’s not a lot of circulation and it’s so moist in the area. Hmmm…maybe Dr. Ross will read this and reply. :)


Not sure what your question is??

Doc Ross

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