Posted by: craig | April 28, 2008

Day 5 - Surgery

I was scheduled for surgery at 2:45 on Wednesday 4/16.  I ended up laying in bed in the pre-op room from ~1:30 - ~4 as they were running behind.

My sister had an allergic reaction to an anesthesia when she was young and was diagnosed with malignant hypothermia.  This is hereditary, so I’ve always been careful to tell my anesthesiologist.  When I’ve had procedures in the past, I’ve chosen the local block.  I didn’t want to wait around in post-op until 9pm that night, and I was comfortable with how my anesthesiologist was handling me, so I went for the general.

I vaguely remember rolling away.  The next thing I know, I’m awake and in recovery.  Funny, at the time I remember feeling like I was pretty coherent, but the next day my wife asked if I remembered when she bumped into a pole when backing the car out of the parking garage.  No way I would have let her live that one down if I had been in my normal state of mind.

Sleeping was tough, as the pain was pretty intense that night.

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